New New Years Resolutions: Things to try that will actually stick




It’s been almost two months since we ushered in the New Year – how are those resolutions looking? Let’s be honest – most of those daily ab sessions turned into nap sessions and hopes of meditating or praying every morning turned into another cup of coffee as we lazily pressed the snooze button. If you’re like most people, you realized that you got caught up in the New Year’s excitement and made a bunch of resolutions that are getting harder to stick to with each passing day. Instead of trying to stick to these vows for an entire year, break it up into monthly or weekly goals. Not sure how to do that? Don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas to get you on the right track.




  1. Walk/Run one mile – While the high hopes of 4 workouts per week was quite admirable, by February, that resolution has proven to be much harder than anticipated. Whether you’re trying to get beach body ready for summer or just want to tone up, one mile per week isn’t hard to accomplish and will still produce some results. After a couple of weeks, try fitting two miles in per week.
  2. Take care of yourself – No, this does not mean to spend $65 getting your hair done and $25 for a manicure every week. (Don’t equate “take care of yourself” with “spend money on yourself”) Devote one night to catching up on all of those Scandal episodes that you missed back from Season 2. Clear your mind with meditation. Take a really long bubble bath. Practice some of those hairstyles that you’ve been meaning to try. Spending time making yourself happy is just as important as the time you spend at work making your boss happy.


  1. Create and update a budget spreadsheet – Keeping track of money by checking your bank account every five minutes isn’t plausible and is hardly ever accurate. Sometimes, those account summaries do not reflect pending or previous past charges, making it impossible to effectively track your money. Instead of relying on Wells Fargo or Bank of America’s app, create a monthly budget workout in Excel and take a closer look at where your money is going. Allot funds to the necessities (rent, phone bill, gas, etc.) as well as the luxuries (entertainment, haircare, etc.) Comparing your budget with your account statement at the end of every month only takes about an hour but will help you shape up your money management skills for the year!
  2. Help Someone – Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Donate clothes to a local shelter. Regardless of the trials and tribulations that you are working to overcome, always remember to give back. A couple of canned goods and a pair of new socks or shoes means the world to someone living on the streets during this cold winter season.
  3. Try something new – It’s easy to get caught in that routine: Wake up, eat, work, eat, Netflix, sleep (or something along those lines). Make a monthly resolution to try something new. Visit a new city, try a new restaurant, a new way of thinking, new lipstick colors – anything new! This is the time in your life to keep expanding your worldview. New experiences can lead to new passions that you never even knew you had.

Have you had to make any new New Year’s resolutions? Let us know how they’re going for you! ❤


Kayla Alexander,
Staff Writer ❤

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