Calling All Coils: Winter Haircare Edition

Eckkk!! Are you having a battle trying to maintain moisture for your crown this winter?? Embarrassing issues with flakes but there’s no snow?! Breakage, dryness, lacking luster…ohh the agony (cues dramatic music)! The list goes on, but look no further…we have a few Queens in our natural hair community that stopped through to shed light on their hair care regimens that keep their tresses summer time fine even in this winter’s prime!

Most of us naturals are fans of the ever convenient and familiar wash n go, but with these temperatures it’s hard to imagine how cute we’d look with a wet, cold head and a runny nose all because we didn’t take winter hair care seriously! We’ve got you covered 😉


Constance Wright

Hair type: 3c & 4c

Years natural: 5 years

Favorite winter hairstyle: Flat twist

“I enjoy my flat twist better after a blowout (blow dryer and no flat iron, it stretches hair and helps with shrinkage.”

Regimen:With freshly washed hair I blow-dry my hair and section it off in 4 chunky flat twists and pin down the ends. After a day or two, I separate the twists, fluff it out and go!”



Hair type: 4c

Years natural: 8 months (2nd Big chop)

Favorite winter hairstyle: Faux loc extensions (self-installed)

“This style is easy to do and lasts me throughout the work week…and not to mention, it keeps me ears warm (haha) and I don’t have to worry about humidity puffing up my hair!

Regimen: “Before installing, I deep cleanse and condition. Wintertime air with my dry hair does NOT mix! Cantu’s Sulfate-free Cleansing Crème shampoo (mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda to help fight dandruff) will provide the needed moisture and makes the hair more manageable. Leave-in conditioner is a MUST, as a matter of fact, it’s your best friend…I use my Cantu leave-in conditioner weekly, especially if I’m going to be home for a while. I will put a cap over my head and tend to other tasks around the house while my hair gets all the attention it needs!”



Paris Percell

Hair type: 3c-4a

Years natural: 3 years (2nd Big chop)

Favorite winter hairstyle: Full lace wig, with all of my hair braided or twisted underneath, protected from the winter air

“Protective styling is good of course for all seasons but definitely a must during the winter months! Being an artist, student and working full time, this style is not only light weight, natural looking and appealing, but it’s rather convenient!”

Regimen: “If not the wig, then on to decorative hair scarves and wraps. The goal is to keep my hair covered as much as possible. The As I Am product line is giving my hair life! I co-wash in the mornings with their Coconut Cowash, after sectioning my hair in 4-6 big twists I add the Hydration Elation conditioner. As a moisture sealant, I use coconut oil or melted down shea butter on my hair.”

“I’ve been trying this heat-free life for a year now and I’m used to partial sew-ins and flat ironing my edges…all kinds of stress and strain on my hair! This time having a heat-free solution was important to me.”

Feel free to share any other tips and regimens that do wonders for your crown, we’d love to hear!

So what have we learned?

  • Heat-free styles help retain vitality of hair
  • Moisture, moisture and more moisture
  • Deep-condition often
  • Keeps your ends sealed
  • Smile and stay fabulous



Meghan Delaney

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