8 Reason Why I’m NEVER Getting Another Sew-In Ever Again

**Please prepare yourself for my very unpopular opinion**

For those of you that might be unfamiliar with what the “sew-in” method of hair extensions is, here’s a little breakdown. It starts off with unsightly Allen Iverson style cornrows, that are then covered by wefts of extensions by sewing them either directly into the braids or onto a cap that covers the braids. A “full sew-in” leaves none of the natural hair out while a partial sew-in has some “leave out” for what is hopefully a more natural look.

Partial Sew-in Exhibit A: 

image (14)

Now that we’re all schooled in on the weave that has long been a part of *Black Girl Magic*, I’m here to say I’m done with them! Here’s why:

1. They’re just too expensive.

To get good quality hair extensions you have to spend hundreds of dollars for bundles that some poor Indian girl thought she was sacrificing to the gods — just so we can be slayyyed to the gods. After that, it’s another buck to get your kitchen beautician girl friend to install it and much more in an actual salon.

Um… I’m a young professional and we all know that’s just a code word for broke! LOL, (laughing so I don’t cry).

2. I feel like I’m betraying my natural hair.

Okay, I know it’s not that deep! But some of you readers know the glorious feeling of a new sew-in and I can’t help but wonder, why am I putting this above my own natural hair? On top of that, I tend to get very realistic sew-ins and I’ll get compliments or conversations started on how beautiful my hair is. Sometimes I accept the compliment, sometimes I correct them; but I’d much rather receive a compliment on hair that I grew.

3. My natural hair is freaking awesome.

image (16)

4. Hair left out of the sew-in is prone to damage.

In order to not damage the “leave-out” hair, one has to be very deliberate to not put extra stress on the hair and to keep it moisturized. After having the extensions for a while, it gets even more difficult. By that time (usually 3 weeks for me) I’m totally over it.

5. The take down process is miserable.

From ripping hair out when unbraiding tiny braids to accidentally snipping hair in search of black thread — this process can get pretty tricky.

6. The Shedding: I. Just. Can’t.

After taking down a sew-in I feel like I’ve lost a whole head of hair! I’m aware that it’s just normal shedding that would’ve gradually happened over the 4-6 weeks that the sew-in was in, but seeing it all at once just freaks me out. I almost cry every time — jokes aside.

7. The bald-head experience for the first few days after a sew-in.

After taking out long thick hair and going back to my shoulder length hair, I feel a little bald for a few days. It’s like going thru haircut trauma over and over again! Of course, a week later I’m back to loving my hair; but I can’t say I enjoy Cindy’s questions at work about why my hair length keeps changing.

8. I’m too impulsive when it comes to changing my hair.

I am probably a hair stylist’s worst nightmare. I randomly get the urge to change my hair and then I’m calling the salon to see if I can get an appointment that very moment. A week later, I’m probably on to the next style — which makes sew-ins a pretty impractical choice for me.

image (12)

With all that being said, I’ll probably change my mind again and get a sew-in next month. It’s my prerogative. But before I do, I’ll definitely be thinking of these reasons why I can’t stand them. Hey, don’t judge, it’s a love-hate relationship!

What are your thoughts on sew-in extensions? Share your opinion in the comments!

❤ Stay pretty,

Kindra Mone‘; Editor-In-Chief

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