Cute & Cozy: How to Winterize Your Home

“But baby it’s cold outside.” The unofficial anthem of winter. When the temperatures drop, we hardly want to leave our beds, let alone the apartment. So why not make your hibernating quarters apartment as cozy as possible? These tips will help take your apartment from bare and cold to warm and cozy.


Candles are your best friend. Especially during this winter season. Yes you have electricity but let’s not think about practicality for the time being. Light some holiday candles instead of brightening up the room with fluorescent light bulbs. Not only does it create a more intimate atmosphere, your room is going to smell amazing.

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Warm up the light bulbs (if you must). If you’re 100% against candles (or it’s a fire hazard or something), switch out your cool-toned light bulbs (usually florescent) for warm-toned (tungsten) ones. It instantly changes the dynamic of your room and gives you the warm & cozy feeling without all of the smoke.


Cuddle… with tons of blankets. The same way you layer on clothes this time of year, give your apartment some added cushion! Layer on the pillows, pull out the huge fluffy comforters and give your apartment a cloud-like feeling.

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Switch things up. All of the furniture in your apartment should not be from the same place! Match really modern pieces with old luggage you find at the thrift store. Pair some shiny silver bookends from Target with leather-bound books. Versatility is a main part of making your apartment feel a little homier.


The walls like warmth. Are you sensing a trend here? In these winter months, bombard your walls with pictures featuring warm colors like tans, browns or blues. Most landlords aren’t too fond of painting the walls each season, but check out renters wallpaper for an inexpensive way to dress up your walls.

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What are your favorite ways to cozy up your room during the winter months?


Kayla Alexander
Staff Writer

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