Calling All Coils: Pretty Girls & Big Curls

It’s a Hair Party and YOU’RE INVITED again!! How many of you can attest that finding the right hair product is only half the battle?? It’s combining that product with the right regimen that’s considered conquering! We have a few Queens from our natural hair community that stopped in to tell us their secrets that helped shaped their journeys and make their curls one of the most fabulous features to their style!!

Anna Carnegie


Hair type: 3b

Years natural: Curly since birth

Regimen: Bantu knots every over night. The other days I will follow the pineapple method (quick & easy). I usually spritz my hair with water in the morning to freshen & revitalize my curls. Moisturizing throughout the day is a must for my curls to keep them shining and to prevent them from drying out.

Favorite Products: As I Am leave-in conditioner

Magic Oil: Pure Jojoba Oil

Natural Hair Staple: A satin pillowcase and booby pins, hands down

Go-to Style/Protective Style: Mo-hawk

Brianna Graham


Hair type: 4c

Years natural: 4 yrs

Regimen: I moisturize my scalp & ends daily. As for my nightly routine, depending on the day’s style, I will either wear my silk bonnet, single braid my hair, or the infamous pineapple method.

Favorite Products: Cantu leave-in conditioner

Magic Oil: African oil, Coconut oil, & Moroccan oil

Natural Hair Staple: Bobby pins & a shoestring (the shoestring makes a perfect high puff)

Go-to style/Protective Style: A simple braid-out is my go-to style and a sew-in is my favorite protective style.

Calona Hackett


Hair type: 4c. However, I enjoy the thought of being free from categorization. I’ve always connected my curls to my personality, both fun & free. So, if I must, my hair type is free and maybe 4c 😉

Years natural: 3.5 years (big chopped twice)

Regimen: Two horizontal puffballs every night (helps with detangling). I always wear a satin bonnet, and I’m thinking of getting the satin pillowcase soon! Co-wash w/ As I Am leave-in conditioner and coconut oil to seal my ends. I use Cantu heat protectant spray before I blow dry (helps my hair stand as desired). I top it off with edge control for a sleek look!

Favorite Products: As I Am co-wash & leave-in conditioner

Magic Oil: Pure coconut oil…it’s not a magic oil; it’s a miracle oil!

Natural Hair Staple: Blow dryer (on COOL)! I love my curls better when wild and untamed.

Go-to style/Protective Style: Low puff with my bangs out. A sew-in was once my go-to, but they were extremely rough on my edges.

Knowing your curl type is helpful when it comes to finding products that work best for your hair texture. How many of us walk into a hair store every week to try a new product we hope will give us the “I woke up like this” look?! Styling Soul hopes we’ve helped in finding a product and regimen that works for you and will minimize those weekly trips — unless it’s walking in the hair store and heading over to grab a refill of your curl’s favorite product.

Remember Queens, your Mondays may never feel like your Fridays, and your crown may take awhile to attain all of its rubies…it’s all about perspective, so make every experience worthwhile! Just give your curls the patience and TLC they need and the rest will fall in place. Until next time my Curly Headed Royals, in between time…Moisturize, Retain, and Conquer the universe 😉


— Meghan Delaney 

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