5 Mistakes Every College Student Makes

College. That perfect in-between phase where you don’t have to worry about your parents watching your every move, but you’re not “grown enough” to start worrying about life insurance. About 99% of all college grads get reminiscent around homecoming and love catching up with friends, starting off conversations with “remember that time…?” While college can be classified as one of the best times of your life, trust and believe that many mistakes will be made. Whether you’re in college or headed to it, please learn from our mistakes. They say hindsight is 20/20, but we’ll go ahead and give you a peek. Here are 5 mistakes that every college student has made.

Courtesy of www.theatlantic.com
Courtesy of http://www.theatlantic.com
  1. We didn’t save. Yes, we were broke and relied way too much on our secret stashes of Pop Tarts and Doritos, but somehow we always had just enough to pick up a new skirt from Forever 21 or dress from Charlotte Russe just in time for that party. While it might not seem important now, when your college days are over, you’ll be applying to jobs all over. Prayerfully, you’ll get your dream job! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have enough money saved up to actually move there?

  2. We didn’t take care of our bodies. Meal plans are blessings that we don’t truly take advantage of! Instead of having Pizza Hut and Chick-fil-A every other meal, get yourself some real food. You know, the kind with vegetables? Take it from some ladies who have been there, you have your entire post-graduate career to live off of the $2.69 meal deals from Taco Bell. Also, just about every university and college has some sort of fitness facility. Use it while it’s free! Not just for the two weeks leading up to spring break – the entire year! Once you graduate, gym memberships are not cheap so take advantage of it and stay fit!
    Courtesy of www.babymed.com
    Courtesy of http://www.babymed.com

  3. We procrastinated over and over (and over) again. You would think after the first all-nighter freshman year that you would get your life together. But you won’t. Senior year, you will find yourself downing Red Bulls and Starbucks at 4 o’clock in the morning wondering where it all went wrong. Been there, done that many times over. Please, just start the paper at least a week and a half before it’s due. It’ll save you a huge headache.

  4. We risked it all for a party. Even though there’s an exam at 10:15 the next morning and a project due in two days that you haven’t started on, you went to the party. Everyone does it once in awhile but once or twice a month will really start to take a toll on your grades. It may seem like you just have to go to this party because it’s going to be sooo amazing but trust us – the same exact party will come around next year. Shoot, maybe even next semester. Parties are fun and college is the time to make memories but your degree is tangible and will take you further than any party will. Work hard so you can play harder!
    Courtesy of www.alivecampus.com
    Courtesy of http://www.alivecampus.com

  5. We weren’t in the moment. “Be in the moment. If you’re in class, don’t focus on what’s waiting for you when you leave. Focus on what’s ahead of you and you won’t steer off course.” It took four years for someone to say this to me and it might very well be the best advice I’ve ever been given. In our selfie-taking, snapchat-obsessed, twatching world, we spend more time documenting the world around us than actually living in it. No, two hour classes aren’t fun and more often than not they are incredibly boring. But hey, that’s why you came to college. 😉

Kayla Alexander

Styling Soul Contributor

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