Spare Me, Love. | Domestic Violence Awareness

Spare Me, love.

I don’t want your fist swinging love.
That black eye giving love.
That infect me, unfaithful love.
That’s why I can’t trust you love.
That “B*tch, come here!” love.
That kick me while I’m down love.
That feed off my weakness love.
That take advantage of my heart love.
That can’t do for myself because I’m dependent on you love.
That damage my esteem and paralyze my confidence love.
That never really loved me love.
Because I’m blinded love.
Never loved myself to know other love, love.
I knew love could be painful but I don’t want your hurtful love.
Please spare me, and just keep your love.

Meghan Delaney

Courtesy of

Abusive relationships. Most would describe them as enduring constant, physical harm and/or verbal abuse. For the most part, that’s correct; an abusive relationship is one that usually involves mental or bodily harm. However, have you ever thought about an abusive relationship causing emotional harm? Let’s make it more personal, have you ever found yourself in a relationship that was emotionally draining?? First, let’s get something straight: NOT ONE relationship is perfect, by no means, but I’m referring to those relationships that are overwrought and damaging. A relationship where you’ve taken multiple stabs of stress to the heart, multiple stains of tears to your face. You’ve withstood weakness to your immune system and restraint to your focus because you’ve lost many nights of sleep, loss of appetite, constantly drained night after night, week after week, anniversary after another.

R.I.P. to your drive and dreams because you’re so focused on how to make your relationship happy, failing to realize happy left quite sometime ago. There are many that can attest, but what’s most heart breaking are those still in the midst of this pain. Praying peace finds you soon, importantly, prayers that you see the real change starts within YOU. It’s called love, and once you find yourself, you’ve found IT.


Meghan Delaney,
Styling Soul Contributor

2 thoughts on “Spare Me, Love. | Domestic Violence Awareness

  1. Great poem and post – – Domestic violence is one of those touchy topics that we are often scared to address. It is not only serious, but life threatening. Real love doesn’t hurt, physically and/or mentally #KnowTheSigns

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