Your Favorite Comfort Foods Made The Healthy Way

A healthy lifestyle does not require you to starve yourself of the things you love. After all, up until now you’ve been eating foods that make you feel good. These foods make you happy – comfort foods. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be eating them if you didn’t like them. But just because you want to be healthy doesn’t mean you have to cut EVERY thing out of your diet. It’s all about balance. So, we found that balance for you. Below are some of our favorite comfort foods but with a twist… they’re ALL healthy!
  1. Lasagna The key to making classic lasagna healthy? Remove the classic lasagna noodles. Try layering thin strips of zucchini or eggplant (this works for spaghetti too!) Also skip the canned sauce and make it from scratch, and add extra veggies of your choice to the filling (this works for both meat and vegetarian style lasagna).
  2. Fried Chicken Healthy fried chicken? Yeah, right… Well, we got a faux fried chicken recipe for you. All you need is coconut oil and almond flour. Brown your chicken in a pan, and finish it in the oven. In about 20 minutes, you’ll have crispy, finger-licking chicken with almost half the calories.
  3. French Toast Are you a regular weekend bruncher? Well, surprise. French toast isn’t as healthy as you might have thought. Soaking a slice of bread in eggs and coating it with mounds of butter and syrup might not be the healthiest option on the brunch menu. But you already knew this. So skip out on your weekly brunch date and try this healthier breakfast classic at home. Use whole-grain cinnamon raisin bread, egg whites, and top it off with some fresh fruit.
  4. Burgers Healthiest way to have a burger? DON’T. Just kidding. No, but really, instead of a grease filled cheeseburger, try a black bean and quinoa burger. Sounds delicious, right? These patties are packed with protein and fiber. Skip the bun, and instead use two pieces of lettuce as a bun. Add a slice of tomato and a couple slices of avocado. If it’s cheat day for you, add a slice of cheddar cheese as a reward for a week of good eating

    Chocolate Chip Cookies The easiest way to make chocolate chip cookies healthy, without it tasting like bird food? Add quinoa, flaxseed, and banana, and try dark chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate ones. Quinoa adds a bit of protein and the banana gives the cookies sweetness without having to add as much sugar as the recipe requires.

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