Self-Love September: Who Am I? [Part II]

Who Am I?
I am me.
I am you.
I am a good girl with bad thoughts.
At times I am lost
but I rise and
Baby, I am found.
I am here to find me.
Here to find you.
I fight.
…..But dammit when I love!
My body is temporary,
but my essence is timeless.
You want me to stand behind you?
I am beside you…
carrying a child on my hip
breaking down barriers
building up communities
so we all can fly.
I am equal to everything
and everything is equal to me.
I am my ancestors’ cry
my mother’s prayers.
Beyond a queen
Beyond a goddess
Earth and bones.
I am an element; delivered to go up
while I hold it down.
I am the moon and the sun.
My light is not my doing
therefore it cant be undone.
 So your shots are nothing
because I am everything.
Everything resides in me.
I am me.
I am you.
I am Elaine Brown.
I am Nina Simone.
I am Cynthia Hurd.
I am Sandra Bland
and so much more.
I am we.
Olivia Chisholm of
Guest Writer | Styling Soul

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