It’s Just Not Enough: Self Acceptance vs Self Love

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We tend to think of the most difficult relationship as the one with a significant other: blending mindsets, ideas, and ways of life, etc. What we fail to realize is that the most difficult relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

When it comes to relationships with a significant other, we want nothing but the best. We want that 90’s R&B, Whitley and Dwayne type of love. But when it comes to the relationship that we have with ourselves, we’ll settle for being the lovable next door neighbor: always “around” but never with a starring role. Well guess what? Being a supporting role is just not enough.

Do you keep a boyfriend/girlfriend around merely because you accept them or because you’re in love with them? Do you invest time and money into someone because you accept them as a person or because they make you a better one? It’s important that the same love and passion that we exude to others is also within us!

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Self acceptance occurs when we realize that there are things about us that we can’t change: inherent things that no matter how hard we try, will never leave us. Self acceptance is necessary but it’s not enough. Are you merely accepting yourself?

Self-love is when you have accept the person you are, but you don’t stop there. The nuances that once made you feel like an outsider are now your claims to fame. You find yourself in love with the quirks that previously caused you frustration. Self-love is understanding your value, being in tune with yourself & growing as a person.

Self acceptance is key. Hey, you can’t love yourself if you don’t accept yourself first. But understanding the difference is you to grow. Accepting yourself is wonderful. It helps you in so many ways, it teaches you about yourself. But loving yourself makes you a better person. Loving yourself makes you less aware of what others think and more aware of how you feel. That’s why self acceptance is important but it’s just not enough.

Kayla Alexander,
Staff Writer ❤

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