5 Self-Loving Mantras to Practice

Once you realize you’re stuck with YOU, you have to learn to be stuck with happy. Embrace it. After all, you were purposely created, and what could be more special than that?? For the record, I said stuck with you, not stuck with the baggage and stress you’ve accepted to drag along with you.

Ok, now take a second and say this with me, aloud. If you’re in the presence of company or colleagues, put your phone to your ear and pretend you’re giving advice to a friend in need and tell them to repeat after you (we want people to know you love yourself, not think you’re crazy!!)…Say it with me, “I am divinity defined, I am the God on the inside, I am a star, a piece of it all. I am light.” Now, thank India Arie for those beautiful lyrics…oh, and you can stop talking to yourself now 😉

Trust me, I get it. Loving yourself can be a battle difficult to conquer, but if properly equipped, you’re surely capable to dominate.

Here are a few reinforcements that are personal to me, and have helped me in accepting myself.



  1. Take comfort in being you, literal comfort. I rarely wear heels, and I refuse to fake like I enjoy doing so. Flats are forever more comfortable and they are simply MORE ME. Choosing not to adopt anyone else’s style but your own makes for peace of mind within yourself.
  2. Confront a personal issue or insecurity head on. Deal with it and MOVE ON.I stopped running from, “what’s wrong with me?” and started progressing towards, “ok so this is me, take it or leave it!” I began to proactively work on the things I could change about myself, things I picked up and let linger far too long, and I embraced the parts of me that were actually, ME.
  3. I am someone who still writes out their grocery list on notepads and scribble random notes in my phone. So I began to write reminders for myself and save them as my lock screen (constant reminders of the progress I was undergoing). For example, I AM ME. Be me apology-free, and with confidence. Stop trying to convince someone I am worthy and live as though I’m certain ❤
  4. There will always be someone more good looking, more witty, more charming…but NEVER will someone be more ME. We’re in a time where the majority of us are constantly trying to out do the next person…that is ENTIRELY too draining and time consuming.
  5. Stop living vicariously through another and start doing the things that would make you happy! These activities can be done alone — it’s something you can enjoy without having to consider anyone else, their opinions, or their “constructive criticism”. For example, I’ve always wanted to learn how to box, so I found a boxing trainer that would fit into my life outside of work. I’ve also always wanted to be really good at playing the drumset, so I searched thrift shops and online stores until I found a drumset and am now teaching myself how to play! In my head, I’m pretty much a bomb.com rock star, but I’m quite sure my neighbors could tell you otherwise!

It’s almost the norm to be negative. Even crazier, it’s accepted and contagious. Before you know it, you’re 20 minutes into a conversation with a “Negative Nancy” and you find yourself cosigning on how much better you’d look with this or that. Distance yourself from those cancerous conversations and people and adopt the lost you. Positive practice can lead to positive habits…and if we all start together, no one is left behind. Win for a win. Love yourself!



Meghan Delaney


4 thoughts on “5 Self-Loving Mantras to Practice

  1. Its nothing like a queen that truly loves herself and understands the process. Its about knowing yourself and knowing that somethings are just ingrained inside of you and shouldn’t be changed. Perfectly imperfect


  2. Self love is the best love, thank you for reassuring how important it is to be comfortable with YOU! Trying to be someone else can never measure to being ultimately and uniquely YOU – awesome post!


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