Inside Ode Clothing With Founder Pierre Nelson

Courtesy of Ode Clothing
Courtesy of Ode Clothing
Many people think of fashion capitols like New York or London when it comes to successful clothing lines, but Pierre Nelson founded Ode Clothing in his home state of South Carolina — and his sold out merchandise is proof of it’s hot demand! We took the time to chat with Pierre about his emerging brand and his story is truly inspiring. From working in fast food to producing quality clothing, we can all take a few notes from Ode Clothing.
Pierre Nelson & Waka Flocka in Ode Clothing
Pierre Nelson & Waka Flocka in Ode Clothing
Styling Soul: When was Ode Clothing founded and how old are you?
Pierre: The summer going into my senior year of high school,17. I’m 22 now.
SS: Describe the Ode Clothing consumer.
P: We don’t really have a set demographic. Just anyone that’s interested in our clothing; we don’t discriminate.
SS: Are you an SC native?
P: Yes I’m from Hampton (Varnville), SC.
SS: What is your main source of inspiration when designing new pieces?
P: Life. I think really growing up in the country part of South Carolina has a lot of influence in my designs. I try to add subliminal  messages in most of my designs to show how the South has influence my clothing.
Courtesy of Ode Clothing
Courtesy of Ode Clothing
SS: Do you now work with a team of designers? Or are you the sole creator?
P: Just me.
SS: Many people try and fail at launching a clothing brand. What do you believe has made the difference with Ode?
P: Consistency. I try to get better each season and by learning  from my mistakes from previous seasons to make each season better.
SS: The clothing industry is very expensive to start up. Did you find difficulty funding the project?
P: Yes. I worked odd jobs to fund my brand from McDonald’s, Walmart, Big Lots.. the list goes on. Lol. It’s about balance because it’s very expensive from season to season. I honestly still find it hard, but it comes with the territory.
SS: What advice do you have for anyone looking to travel down a similar path?
P: Make sure it’s something you really want to do because it’s not an easy task running a brand, but patience overcomes all obstacles.
Courtesy of Ode Clothing
Courtesy of Ode Clothing
Founder of The PeekABoo PrettyGirl Foundation, Styling Soul’s sister organization, tried out a pair of Ode’s socks and here’s what she had to say:

“I LOOOOVE socks! And the ones from Ode Clothing are perfection. They’re very fun and creative and you can match them with anything in your closet. I love that their unisex and they are good quality. I have pretty small legs but they didn’t slide down a bit. Most of all, I love that the creator is a student at USC! Go Cocks!” — Jessica Tee


With statement pieces like stylish bomber jackets and head turning bucket hats, be sure to check it all out for yourself at!

Kindra Moné; Editor-In-Chief

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