LUSH Product Review || Formulae Known As Body Lotion || Self-Love September

Self-love is more than just emotional maintenance, right? While you’re making sure that your mindset is right, make sure to incorporate your self-care in to your self-love journey! Check out this product review if you’re looking for a place to start 🙂

Formulae Known As is the first Lush Product I’ve ever used… and they now have a new loyal customer. Of course I’ve heard of this extremely popular brand and know a lot of people that use it, but never tried it for myself. Boy, oh boy, was I missing out!

This body lotion is PERFECTION. I absolutely love the scent. It smells like chocolate and flowers, and yet the scent is so subtle. You can layer your favorite body spray on top of this lotion without it being overwhelming. I also like the consistency- it’s not thick, and melts like a chocolate bar into your skin. Perfect for any season.

Being that I’m also a semi-environmentalist, I love that the bottle is made up of recycled material.

Formulae Known As keeps me moisturized all day, and I will have a hard time ever going back to another body lotion. Thanks, Lush! ❤

You can purchase Lush’s Formulae Known As Body Lotion here.

Jessica Tee,
President & CEO

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