Self-Love September: Loving Yourself While You’re Single

I love me, I love me not…I love me, I love me not. I love me?

Ok friends; let’s be completely candid for a moment.

Getting love right was the biggest challenge for myself, until I realized loving me first was all it took.

Love begins within YOU. I can imagine how much of a cliché that sounds…buuut it’s actually very much true. The same goes for happiness.

For starters, we have to learn that alone does not mean lonely.

If you’re struggling through a drought of happiness during your season of singleness, try this. Buy yourself a mini dry erase board and post it by the door of your room or front door. Now, write a list of things you should be happy about, things that don’t necessarily reach your front cerebral in your time of need.

For instance,

  • I am alive, sane and capable.
  • I am in full control of the energy I bring into today.
  • I hate bad vibes, so, I won’t be the cloud that brings them.
  • Inhale…exhale…smile (nope, smile BIGGER). Give thanks.

    The pursuit to happiness

    Stay occupied. Someone (maybe even your someone) is encouraged by your hustle, admiring your drive and they’re attracted to your focus.

    In a relationship, your time becomes divided, subtracted, paused and put aside when it’s no longer all about you. So use this time to be completely selfish, haha! Get dressed and take yourself out on dates (look good, eat good), focus on building your career, start a brand, finish a book, learn to paint, maybe even pick up a pen and start writing poetry.

    You have to stay on your path, and all else that’s meant to be will come along! Remember that you are not forgotten; rather, you’re being conditioned.

    The importance of hobbies

    You must have an outlet. Something desirable of course, you know, something that will make you, HAPPY. The last thing you want to do is let someone sense that once they came along, life was a complete drag without them. Yea, scratch that! You want that person who’s going to be almost intimidated to approach you because you’re so busy and invested in yourself that you didn’t even notice them. Listen up; NO ONE wants a sappy person. So be about your business and you may very well attract the right light when the time is perfect.

    Hashtag, “Relationship Goals”

    Here’s a fact many of us love to neglect. Not every couple we see snapping away their pictures followed by heart-eyed emojis, over thought captions, and endless laughs are truly happy. There, I said it. I can guarantee you there are plenty of people in relationships still searching for their happy in the midst of their confusion. What you may fail to realize is that, you actually have the upper hand being single. You are in TOTAL control of creating the ideal environment for your happiness, and it’s all about you.

    The real #RelationshipGoals should be learning, loving and enjoying yourself in and out. This is the most crucialRemember to smile often, walk upright with confidence, have purpose, and BE HAPPY. Someone’s digging you 😉


    Meghan Delaney

5 thoughts on “Self-Love September: Loving Yourself While You’re Single

    1. “You’re not forgotten; rather, you’re being conditioned.”
      This is what the single community often forgets because we’re so caught up with these social media relationship where at least half of them aren’t real or they’re not happy. Focusing on loving yourself is the best thing you can do while you’re waiting. Afterall, how are you going to be able to know what kind of love you really deserve if you don’t even love yourself?


  1. I absolutely love this article. Every woman out there needs to not only read things like this but they also need to implement it into their lives. Whether one is single or in a relationship, the true happiness starts within. Sadly, most females get into relationships thinking it will fill a void…only to realize that the only thing worse than feeling alone while you’re single is feeling alone while you’re in a relationship. Here’s to getting to know ourselves, loving ourselves, and being completely selfish! Cheers 🙂 Great article Meghan!


  2. Glad to be graced with these uplifting words! Women learn to love yourself so when Mr. Man isn’t around or not acting right, you’re still winning! 💜


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