How To Stay True To Yourself In A Committed Relationship

We all know that girl: the girl who posts a #MCM picture every week without fail. The girl that suddenly took up an interest in the NBA Finals after she started dating the World’s Biggest Lebron fan. The girl who can’t even have a conversation about her day at work without slipping her boyfriends name into the conversation.

One thing that really bothers me, is when I see people who can’t stay true to themselves in their relationships. I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly two years now and I’d like to believe that I’m still the same person I was when he asked me to be his girlfriend. A little more understanding, a little more chef-like, but all around the same person.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of girls who struggle with staying true to themselves. While I’d like to say it’s easy, it’s really not. Here are a few things that you can do to stay true to yourself even in the most committed relationship.Obamas

  • Express Yourself: How often do we hold in our true feelings with the hope that the issue will just blow over? While letting go of a grudge is healthy, keeping your emotions bottled up is only gonna cause for more conflict and you’ll end up resenting the other person and feeling miserable. Open lines of communication are important in every relationship. Making your feelings known is just as important as making sure you listen to the other person.
  • Split Up: No, don’t break up. But do spend some time apart. Your significant other fell in love with you because of who you are when you’re being yourself. Don’t lose sense of that. Visit an art gallery that you love, sit in a coffee shop and read your favorite novel for the umpteenth time. Spending some time apart allows you to connect with the most important person – yourself.
  • Cross something off of your bucket list: Been dying to go skydiving? Always wanted to learn Italian? Do it! We spend so much time trying to make the other person happy that we forget that our happiness is important too. Even the small things like trying that restaurant you’ve been hearing about for weeks or planning a weekend trip with your girls will make you feel so much more in tune with yourself, creating a better dynamic in your relationship.

What are some ways that you stay true to yourself in a committed relationship?

Kayla Alexander
PABPG Blog Contributor

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