What Does My Hair Have To Do With My Spirituality?

What does my hair have to do with my spirituality?

Stupid question, right? Not entirely. Since the rise of the natural hair movement, many women have been embracing their natural beauty and holistic selves more than ever. As a whole, we have been banding together to really figure out what it means to adorn yourself and show your love for you more outwardly. Not to say no one was before, but we can all agree this movement has sparked an interest for hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of women and girls to look at themselves in a new light.

Self-Love SeptemberSo what does your hair have to do with your spiritual wellness? Well, it just starts with your hair. Or your makeup. Or your sense of style. Whatever you identify with in this age of YouTube and Blog culture has surely given you the opportunity to look more inward. “Why should I take care of my hair?” turns in to “Wow, I actually really like styling these wild curls of mine,” and that leads to “What else about my natural identity is there to adorn?”

So you see, it’s easy to go from casually learning about how to take care of yourself, to loving to take care of yourself, to loving everything about yourself, and radiating that love outward.

Raven Jahän, PABPG
Perhaps it seems shallow, but self-adoration is absolutely a key player on the road to spiritual wellness. As we begin to delve down a path of self-worship (in a sense of unconditional love and care), we then begin to understand what it truly means to love unconditionally. Beginning to learn patience and understanding yourself in the physical sense (“What makeup looks best on my features? What hairstyles work for my hair type? How do I take care of my hair type? How do I dress for my body type? How can I make sure my skin is always glowing?“) allows for doors of a similar nature to open and awaken other parts of ourselves we may not have known needed attending to (“What role do I play in my relationships? Do I love my friends/family/significant other with the same patience and understanding that I’m learning to love myself?”)

It is when you learn unconditional self-love that you have unconditional love for everyone that enters your life, and only then can you really begin to understand your purpose.

So again, maybe it’s shallow. Maybe it’s more than just hair. Maybe it’s Maybelline? Couldn’t resist the terrible joke, sorry.

That being said, ladies, take all the time you need pampering yourself, taking long hot showers, having spa days, and treating yourself to me-time, self-dates, and indulging in being a complete product junkie. There’s nothing selfish about the way you celebrate yourself. In fact, it can lead to a much brighter purpose.

Raven Jahän ❤
Managing Editor

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