Style Crush: Fashion Bloggers That Are Catching Our Eye

Hi Fashion Lovers!
We’ve been keeping a look out for some of the most fashionable and trendy bloggers or Instagramers out there! In our social media filled world, there are definitely some heavy hitters, but these picks stand out from the rest. Not only are these ladies fashion forward, but they also have style, design and the demeanor it takes to be a style crush. You can always pick and pull from the different influences of their style, but be sure to stay true to you and, of course, those curves!

The first Ahhhmazing Instagramer we’ve been following is @Fashion_Dollface.


Wearing prints, vintage inspired high waisted bottoms, clean lines, edgy denim, and a little color blocking. We love how she played with wild but chic accessories to show personality and taste!

@Dollface style is for sure one to follow if you like pieces that are modern, trendy, and a mixture of styles.


This curvaceous and effortlessly chic woman truly understands her figure and style!

Now, this second Blogger/Instagramer has a very clean and classic type of style. A perfect “look” for the workplace!


@Stylepantry has more mature taste and we are so here for her understated looks! You can never go wrong with looks like these; they make you timeless in fashion. Although the lines and silhouettes are simple, @Stylepantry adds modern cuts, accessories and prints to her look to keep it fresh and interesting!

For those of you that are a little more seasoned in your style and not really looking to follow trends, this blogger/Instagramer is the perfect inspiration for you.

As a Bajan-American and a person with a lot of friends from different cultures,  I’ve always been one to include other native garments to my wardrobe and style as well as my own cultural garments. @Visha.Devan is a stylist who does exactly that.

image1(1) She can be seen wearing incredulously royal silks with beautiful prints and rustic but fresh Timberland boots. Her style is cultural! It’s exactly the style of a true American — cultures mixing together to create a style of its own. So for any of you interested in adding some culture to your style. @Visha.Devan is for sure a good start!


All of these beautiful ladies found their style, so we hope we’ve helped you out a little bit with some style inspiration! It’s always fun to change your style and evolve! Have fun ladies, wear it proudly!

Bowtye Bentley

**Do you think your style is worth crushing on? Mention @peekabooprettygirl under your next Instagram caption and we could be crushing on you!

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