Self-Love September: JOIN Our 30 Day Lifestyle Challenge

Ooooh it’s the 1st of the monthhh! And this time, it actually means more than the fact that it’s time to pay the rent. Like any new day, a new month is a chance to reorganize, recharge, and reevaluate where we are in our lives.

For the month of September (now officially dubbed Self-Love September), we at PABPG are challenging you to 30 days of self examining the way you live your life. As we say farewell to summer, take this time maximize the potential in your health, better your relationships with others, and improve your relationship with yourself. We want you to do better at work/school, feel better when you wake up in the morning, and be a happier you. Believe it or not, you weren’t born with resting bitchface, and you can change allluhdat with a little mindset fix!


To get those little wheels in your think tank going for a successful Self-Love September we’ll set the tone by asking ourselves: “what would my dream self do?” In my case, it’s What Would Dream Kindra Do? I actually refer to it as WWDKD and have these letters on my bathroom wall…but that’s another story.

Take some time to imagine your ideal self when you’re operating at your full potential. What type of relationships does your dream self have? What does this person eat? Does your dream self work out or spend more time with family? Do you imagine yourself reading more books or getting more sleep? Has your dream self gotten more organized and stopped procrastinating? Whatever that means to you: we challenge you to live each day ONLY doing the things that your dream self would do. That’s right! No more listening to that devil on your shoulder that keeps convincing you to go back to that unhealthy relationship or has you waking up to eat donuts at 2 in the morning.

Of course you’ll slip, fall, and get off track, but we’re here to help! As a guideline for yourself, write down a confession/affirmation statement or a nice personal mantra and say it to yourself during each day of Self-Love September (and days after if you’re still diggin it). It can be in the form of a paragraph, a list, a quote, whatever you want!

Your self mantra should be a positive statement that can encourage you and also inspires you to be the type of person that you want to be. It can even be a confidence booster if you’re struggling in that area. We’ll have something new for you EACH DAY so be sure to check in with us during Self-Love September and join our 30 Day lifestyle challenge. It all starts with your mindset.

Stay Pretty

❤ Kindra Moné

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