Natural Quick Fixes || Asiahology and Ynobe Product Reviews

Are you a fan of natural beauty skin and hair care lines? Look no further! We have two amazing lines that you’re sure to love. As fall makes it way back in to our lives, we can’t let that dry skin and brittle hair cause any problems again this year. Check out these two products that are sure to bring you a little joy this season!


unnamed (7)After the phenomenal PG3 event hosted by PABPG, I was lucky enough to try the body scrub from the new Asiahology Natural Skin Care line. My two most sensitive areas that needed a deep treatment are my underarms and bikini area, so that’s where I used the scrub as a soothing way to relieve some stress from shaving. After just two days, I noticed that skin in that area was waaaay softer and more firm. I think the natural ingredients (including raw shea butter, honey, jojoba oil, almond oil, vitamin e, brown sugar, rose water, and a natural relaxing fragrance blend) helped a ton with that. The smell alone is absolutely therapeutic. I’m hoping with continued use, I will see it help with discoloration too (as shaving tends to darken the skin in the area). I give it a 5/5! To order from the Asiahology line, email Asiah  at

Candice, ❤
PABPG Financial Consultant and Writer/Contributor


unnamed (5)So, my hair was, well, going through some rough times last week. I gave it deep clarifying wash and used the Ynobe Green Tea Conditioning Mask for half an hour with a shower cap afterward. My hair felt so soft and bouncy afterward! The consistency of the product is definitely thick enough for a really creamy coverage of my hair, but it also was very moisturizing and gave a little life back to my hair. The scent wasn’t overwhelming, but soft and easy. I can’t stand when my hair smells like a department store, so I really loved the refined fragrance. After rinsing, it felt as though my curls were a lot less frizzy, and tangle free- something I can rarely say. The ingredients are all natural, which is also always a plus! And finally, I loved that the container is sustainable as well. It’s such an each jar to re-use or recycle. For more Ynobe products, be sure to head over to their online shop!

Raven Jahän,
PABPG President and Blog Managing Editor ❤

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