Product Review || Benefit Cosmetics Perfume

Looking for a new perfume to dazzle the people around you? Benefit Cosmetics has some awesome scents that you should try!


Let’s start with the packaging. It’s very eye-catching and different from anything you’ve ever seen. The outside of the box looks like a little house with a door on the front and windows on the sides. It’s like an invitation to come on in and enjoy the smells.

Did I mention the names given to these fragrances? They are cute, fun female names to help you get an idea for the scent. Pictured are “Something About Sofia” and “Laugh With Me Lee Lee.”

On to the scents themselves: fantastic. They are both very playful and flirty, but light. Perfect for a romantic date, going out with friends, or even just running errands during the day.

If you’re interested in learning about more scents from Benefit Cosmetics, head over to Ulta. Or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a bottle of your own in one of our giveaway bags at one of our upcoming events!

Laugh with Me LeeLee is available here, and Something About Sofia can be purchased here

Tierra Thomas, Collegiate Ambassador

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