Meal-Prep Monday! || A How-To Guide to Easy Meal Prepping

If you’re anything like us, your life revolves around some not so pretty jobs, class schedules, and to-do lists. With a jam-packed schedule, you often forget to eat or better yet, you grab something quick but unhealthy to eat. Eating healthy often comes with a price tag. Below we detail how to save your life (and your pockets) when it comes to eating healthy by meal prepping all on a budget!


The most important part about meal prepping is storage. Having a wide variety of storage containers is pertinent to making your meal prep journey a breeze. Try stores like, The Dollar Store, Five Below and Walmart, which have a variety of containers in all different sizes, but most importantly for an affordable price.

Pictures by Lydia Moore-Hill
Pictures by Lydia Moore-Hill

FYI: In most weekly newspapers, there are coupons saving you a couple extra dollars on Rubbermaid or Ziploc plastic containers.


Before you even start prepping your meals for the week, you have to have a general idea of what you want to prep for the week. Making a grocery list will save you time as well as a lot of money. When you go into any store with a goal, you tend to leave with the things you came for rather than leaving with excess items you probably did not need. Go in with a set idea of the meals and products you need to prep for the week.

Pictures by Lydia Moore-Hill
Pictures by Lydia Moore-Hill

FYI: Do a pantry scan of items you already own. It will help you save money and not re-buy food items.


It helps to know the best days in your region to go grocery shopping. Know the sales and compare prices from the various supermarkets in your area. Sales tend to run for a week – Monday to Sunday (but that has better deals on dairy and meats.


FYI: Try the local butcher for fresh cuts of meat. They tend to have affordable prices (and if you’re lucky, they’ll cut you a deal!) Also, look into finding a local farmers’ market in your area. The fruits and vegetables are fresh and a lot cheaper than most grocery store prices.


What exactly is prepping? Prepping consist of clean, cutting, and measuring out all fresh veggies and snacks for the week. For example, if you’re making chicken fajitas for the week, prep the peppers and onions and marinade the chicken if needed. This cuts down on cooking time and saves you the stress of trying to do everything at once.

Pictures by Lydia Moore-Hill

FYI: Don’t try to do all of it at once on ONE day. You’ll die, literally. For example, shop on Sundays. Prep and cook on Mondays.


With most things, you have to enjoy it in order to want to keep doing it again. Meal prepping can be a lot, but you can make it fun and have fun while doing it. Do it with your best friend or boyfriend, or if you live with roommates make it a weekly routine with them.


Lydia Moore-Hill
PABPG, Blog Writer and Contributor

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