How to Survive Your First Day as a Freshman in College

After nearly two decades of curfews, eating leftovers you don’t like and constantly being checked up on, you’ve made it! You are officially a college freshman. With student ID in hand, you’ve been to every ice cream social, back to school cookout and freshman welcome your campus has to offer. The only thing left to do is start classes. Piece of cake, right? Mmm, maybe not as easy as you think. Do you know how much time you have in between classes? Or what you need to bring? How about what to wear? Don’t worry, check out these five tips to surviving your first day as a college freshman.

  1. Be Prepared. Seriously, classes just started. Why wouldn’t you have a pen? A three-ring binder, pens and a planner is seriously all you need. Many universities give out free planners at student success centers or academic enrichment centers so make sure you pick one up before the first day!halfway
  2. Have a campus map on hand. Yes, you will look like a freshman. Yes, everyone can tell that you’re new. But instead of lingering around on the wrong side of campus for twenty minutes, figuring out the quickest and easiest routes to class will not only help you get into a routine, you can also figure out where the closest printer is (for those papers you will inevitably end up writing two hours before class) and the best coffee (to keep you alive alert after that all-nighter).
  3. Ask questions. In every class, you’re going to get an extremely annoying stack of papers called a syllabus. This syllabus encompasses every homework assignment, project, presentation and exam from the first day of classes through the last. There is a 99.99999% chance that something on the syllabus is going to change. ASK. QUESTIONS. Sometimes professors tend to say stuff on the first day but when you look through the syllabus, it’s nowhere to be found. Ask about the attendance policy (especially if it’s for an 8:30 AM class). Ask what the percentage for late assignments is if it’s not already stated. Ask if the final exam is cumulative (you’d rather know sooner than later). And for the love of all things collegiate, ask if you need to buy the books.
  4. Dress Appropriately. If you’re the girl that dressed up every day in high school, this one might sting. We all know that the first day of classes is partially about being seen so, by all means, get cute. But walking around campus in 3-inch heels with four back-to-back classes probably isn’t going to make finding your classes any easier. It’s still summertime so of course, shorts or dresses are a necessity but if you have considered wearing it to the club, it’s probably not the best option.success
  5. Be Social! Chances are you’ve made a small group of friends by now. After hearing about all of the homework and projects that you’ll be doing this semester, now is the best time to relax with some friends. Depending on your load, you might not have as much free time as you originally anticipated.

That’s it! Stick to these tips and you’ll breeze through your first day as a freshman.
What tips do you have on how to survive the first day of college? We’d love to hear below!

Kayla Alexander,
PABPG PR Chair ❤

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