Roll Call!!! || How to Make the Most of Your Semester

Can you hear that…listen closely; it’s the school bell, and Miss Frizz has just dropped you off!! Ok I’m kidding, we’re all adults here; maybe it’s just the sound of us grunting from having to set our alarms for such ungodly hours this semester. Playtime is OVER and it’s GRIND TIME!! Hopefully you’ve mastered what it means to “productively” multitask, perhaps some of you need to rediscover classroom etiquette and social skills, or maybe some of you have even realized you’re just a few credits closer to running your graduation tassel through your fingers. Nice!

 The ladies of Peek-A-Boo Pretty Girl not only want you to start your semester off with fabulous hair highlights, fall inspired handbags and a bold lip color (although we do encourage), but we also want you to be on point with everything!


Grab a pen; we have a few notes that we hope you can carry with you throughout this semester.
For starters, YOU GOT THIS, you would not be here if you weren’t capable. Realize taking this first step means you’ve already mastered what many have not, and what others sadly never get the opportunity to.

  • Accept the challenges that this semester will bring.
  • YOU are in control of the decisions you make…so be prepared to accept the outcomes of them.
  • Whatever you don’t like, change it. The things you can’t change, remember that nothing is forever.
  • No one else’s opinion matters, DO YOU.
  • Take on what you can, and don’t be afraid to say NO to what you can’t.
  • Importantly, SHINE.


We pray last semester’s temptations and distractions won’t revisit you, but if they do, know it’s a test, so take control over your next move. Whether it is a first time beginning for you or the start of a new chapter…YOU’re creating your story, make it worth reading.

BE amazing, CREATE amazing, EXPECT amazing.

Meghan Delaney

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