5 DIY Makeup Artists You NEED to be Following

As we all know, makeup is a complete sophisticated form of fine art. That being said, not all of us are born to be great artists. Here’s a list of 5 extremely helpful pretty girls with amazing tips and tricks to help us all be even more fabulous.

1. Glam Twinz

Twins Kelsey and Kendra give a TON of great makeup tutorials for day and evening looks, as well as special looks for particular holidays. They are experts on cosmetics, and give detailed step by step instructions on how to achieve whatever look they are presenting. The duo also has a ton of great hair care tutorials for super thick and curly hair types! Can you believe that’s all their natural 3b-3c hair?! It’s so beautiful!

2. Raven Elyse

Raven is super skilled when it comes to makeup in general, but she also puts a focus on makeup tutorials for those of us with chronic acne or acne scarring. She goes in to detail about not only the products, brushes, and foundations she uses, but also about her acne journey and tips and tricks that she has used over the years. Whether or not you have any scarring, Raven’s flawless makeup looks are perfect for any outing. 🙂

3. Michelle Phan

Michelle makes EVERYTHING look super easy, even for those of us who seriously struggle with making a straight line (we all know how hard it is to get the wings of your liner always symmetrical). She not only gives us a slow, beginners take on things that seem complicated, but she also explains why she does certain techniques and uses specific products. Michelle also has her own makeup line, available here.

4. SunKissAlba

Alba not only always looks radiant and glowing, but she also gives great insight in to holistic and sustainable makeup! She only uses brands that are eco-friendly with non-harsh ingredients. If you’re looking for an amazing summer glow year-round, make sure to follow her for both inner and outer beauty tips. Aside from makeup tutorials, she also gives us hair advice and ways to thrive while living a holistic lifestyle. ❤

5. ItsMyRayeRaye

Raye gives a lot of personality and a lot of wild looks that are affordable, stylish, and occasionally jaw-dropping! Her looks are always bold, but beautiful. Everything from her loud lipsticks to her chic contours are with products that even a broke college student can afford. Her videos are fun to watch while you’re getting ready and definitely ones you want to keep on your playlist for a night out with friends or a cute date-night with bae. 🙂

Is there anything you struggle with in particular when it comes to the art of makeup?! Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share/repost! ❤

Raven Jahän,
President, the PeekABoo PrettyGirl Foundation

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