The Rihanna Effect

OKAY, so BadGalRiRi is baaaaaddd!

I am not ashamed to admit that every year I look forward to early August when Rihanna is in her home town of Barbados for the infamous (and glamorously raunchy) Crop Over celebration.

First things first, we all know that RiRi is an island gyal and I totally support her strutting her glittery stuff in next to nothing for this cultural festivity. Heck, I even want to go one day! However, a star power like hers is influential on a major scale — and no, I’m not just talking about the impressionable kiddos. I’m referring to the 18-30 year old women who’s jaws drop at the sight of Rihanna’s slim thick body, and immediately go into self comparisons.


Now this phenomenon (that I totally just made up) could be substituted with any mogul’s name: The Beyonce’ Effect, The Nicki Minaj Effect, The Kylie Jenner Effect etc, etc. The point is, that seeing another woman in all of her nearly nude glory immediately sends the average chick into a spiral of self doubt! BOOP! Come on girls, it shouldn’t be that way.

For Crop Over 2015, it appeared that Rihanna was showing off some new curves which many praised and a few bone heads criticized — but the girl was throwing that thang in a circle and nobody was complaining. Whichever your stance on her new physique; RiRi looked darn good and right away I saw floods of #bodygoals and #whydontIlooklikeRiRi retweets. Pretty Girls, listen. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by the fit frames of other women, but don’t forget that you’re beautiful as you are!

You’re the only one that has to live in your skin, so why would you ever be the one to shame it?

If social media is causing you to feel bad about yourself or strive to be the impossible replica of your perfectly proportioned pop star fantasy, then maybe it’s time you took a little hiatus. (You can still visit our sites of course!) Social media is for interacting, finding inspiration and entertainment; but the moment it becomes a source of self doubt it’s time to switch your thinking!

So feel free to gawk at BadGalRiRi’s bad gyal body (hey, she’s currently my screensaver), but don’t forget to celebrate yourself in the meantime! Your bad too, girl.

Stay Pretty,

❤ Kindra Mone’; CoFounder and Editor-In-Chief

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