Calling All Coils: From Our Curls To Yours

Patience + Optimism + a Sense of Budgeting = the 3 most important traits you’ll have to master if you’re natural!

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We at PABPG know how important it is to keep our tresses alive and poppin! Our crowns are as big of a deal as our eyebrows…and we all know the importance of maintaining the perfect brow!

There are hundreds of natural hair gurus in the game now, which makes it difficult to narrow down what truly works best for our hair types. We see hundreds of natural hair bloggers achieve what seems like the unattainable, perfectly shaped, colored and curled manes. How much easier would it be if we could build a natural hair community right here, where we can shape and share our journeys!
My hair type is a 4a curl pattern, which means I need moisture moisture and more MOISTURE; my hair type is prone to damage so TLC is a must for my crown. After what seemed like $1 million later, I’ve been able to find the products and regimen that I love and work best for me.

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My natural oil mix:

– Vitamin E Oil (14,000 I.U.)

– Pure Castor Oil (hexane-free)

– Jojoba Oil

– Virgin Coconut Oil.

I have pure peppermint oil that I usually add to my mixture every once in a while, but only one drop because it’s highly concentrated (I love the smell and the tingly feeling!). I apply and massage into my scalp 2-3 a week.
As for product use, I really love Taaliah Waajid’s curl sealer and Shea Moisture’s Leave-in Conditioner! I flat twist and bantu knot at night for a BOMB TWIST OUT in the morning! Spray on OBIA’s Curl Hydration Spray to spruce it up and add some sheen. I love the idea of being able to use a product multiple times without having to worry about visible product build up or flakiness.

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You have the option of applying your product on wet or dry hair. In order to achieve great volume and avoid some shrinkage, I suggest using on dry hair. These products are what gave me this fierce Mohawk!

Courtesy of Meghan Delaney
Courtesy of Meghan Delaney
Please join us and share what products give you the best gawks and stares! We are all in this journey together; why not make it easier…the less stress, the more hair retention. Sounds like a win to me!!


Meghan Delaney

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