Event Recap: Pop-Up Shop and Vision Board Party

The PABPG “Pop Up Show/Vision Board Party” hosted by PABPG two weeks ago was a huge success!

FullSizeRender (1)

Members put on this free event to encourage patrons of the community to come out and get in touch with their dreams by putting together a vibrant vision board. Vision boarding is an easy and popular craft activity and the turnout at the event made that very clear. There were assortments of up-to-date magazines ranging from fashion to health to home décor. We enjoyed searching through all of them to find some key things that corresponded with our respective dreams to glue and tape onto our vision boards.


Not only did we enjoy putting our boards together, we also we given the opportunity to view a pop up shop. Different styles of clothing and accessories were available to view. Some walked away with dresses, pantsuits, and staple business casual pieces. It brought a smile to our faces to see our attendees please with their finds from the pop up shop. The girls of PABPG love to shop and find nice clothes for great prices!

Vision board2

All around PABPG enjoyed hosting this event. We got to meet some new faces and catch up with some familiar ones. Attendees shared dreams and laughs while enjoying light refreshments and catchy tunes.vision board

PABPG events definitely aren’t ones that you want to miss. Keep up with us to see what events we will have in the future. PABPG Save the Dates

-Candice Johnson and Nikolette Miller, PABPG Team ❤

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