Summer Favorites (Mini-Haul + Product Reviews) [Part II] + PRODUCT GIVEAWAY

In case you missed it, be sure to read Part I of our Summer Favs product reviews!

Up next on our Summer Favorites series is the two finishing touches every girl needs for summer, starting of course with some blush to give you a little extra glow! 🙂


The blushes by B.L.A.C. Minerals should definitely be in your makeup kit! Blushes can be intimidating because none of us want to look like clowns LOL. But if the right shade is applied correctly it can enhance your look! IMG_1991

B.L.A.C. Minerals is handcrafted mineral makeup specifically for women of color. The colors of the product are beautiful and were created to look flawless and complimentary on every shade!


Raisin is a color that looks beautiful on dark skin tones! This blush adds JUST the right amount of color to bring out the warmth in cheeks. It’s slightly shimmery to add the glow to your face as well. A little goes a long way so don’t be heavy handed with this product. Raisin stays on all day and it’s so light so your pores can breathe! This color can be worn year around and is absolutely perfect for the summer!


B.L.A.C. Mineral blushes usually run for around $16. And yes, you could find a blush that’s a bit cheaper, but quality makeup is worth the investment! This is totally worth it and will last a long time. PABPG gives this product two thumbs up! To purchase and view other products from this line, click here!

To top off our summer necessities list is KITSCH hair ties. If you are in the middle of a hair crisis these headbands are a perfect fix!

They came in three cute colors for spring and summer: neon pink, green, and orange.Candice Blog

If you normally have a hard time with headbands because of hair thickness and texture ranges, don’t fret. It sports comfortably all day and it doesn’t irritate or cut off circulation!

The material is soft and stretchy so it will fit almost any head/hair size or shape. Kitsch headbands get two thumbs up and five stars. These simple headbands are easy fix for a bad hair day or a cute, simple accessory for any outfit!

These really fun and festive hair ties run for about $12, and can be purchased here.


Anyone want to try out all of the products we’ve listed in Part I AND Part II?! Follow these simple giveaway rules:

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A winner will be announced June 16th.

Good luck ❤
The PeekABoo PrettyGirl Team

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