#PassItOn: A Journey to Miss South Carolina 2015 (by Lustra Miller)

I’m back!!!!!! I am so thrilled to be a guest blogger for PABPG. Like, I’m actually pumped. I’m currently making the big smiling emoji with my face. 🙂 Y’all know what I’m talking about! 😉 But I am even more excited to be partnering with PABPG and sharing my journey to Miss South Carolina as a pageant contestant with y’all! I have already started working with these wonderful women and I am elated to be a part of this awesome movement!

Courtesy of @LustraBellMiller's instagram
Courtesy of @LustraBellMiller on instagram
Ok down to business…

My platform (a social issue that I want to stress to the people of South Carolina during my year of service) is “Foundation for a Better Life: Pass It On.” This organization is fabulous because it highlights celebrities and local heroes that are steadily making a vast difference in their communities. It uses character words to describe these awesome move-makers in hopes to inspire other people so they can pass “it” on to their peers, so as Miss South Carolina, it is my job to aspire to inspire.

I want to inspire people (especially young girls) to understand that the Miss America “mold” is someone who is innovative, assertive and a hard worker. She is someone that is simply a boss. She struts like Karlie Kloss, handles business like Olivia Pope and has a servant’s heart like Angelina Jolie. The women in the Miss America Organization should be powerful women who can wear multiple hats. They should be able to read to a kindergarten class, meet the Chamber of Commerce for a business luncheon and end up at a black tie charity gala all in one day with no wardrobe malfunctions.

But Miss South Carolina is a different breed of woman. First of all, she’s southern so she’s in a class all by herself. (I may be a little biased, but, eh, who cares). Miss South Carolina should leave a legacy where ever she goes. She should walk in a room and her presence and energy alone should make people look at her and want to approach her, not only because of her beauty and grace, but because of the power and positive energy she constantly takes with her.

Courtesy of @LustraBellMiller's instagram
Courtesy of @LustraBellMiller on instagram
As Miss South Carolina, I want to take this organization to the next level. The Miss South Carolina Organization is always on the cutting edge. But I want to leave my legacy by implementing more mentoring programs, more scholarship opportunities, more incentives for directors and contestants and even internship opportunities for students to build the volunteer network for the organization.

What I want to “Pass On” is MY legacy. If crowned Miss South Carolina, I want to inspire and even challenge other contestants in this organization to do the same. Even outside of the pageant, I want people to leave their signature on whatever they touch.  The PeekABoo PrettyGirl Foundation is a PRIME example of women passing on their legacy for other young girls. They are leading our young women by being positive role models for each other, constantly encouraging their colleagues and celebrating the successes of other women around them. PABPG and the Miss America Organization clearly work hand and hand. And in the future what I want to see is more PeekABoo Pretty Girls competing for local titles in order to become the next Miss South Carolina. Because believe it or not, pretty girls are taking over the world, one rhinestoned stiletto at a time.

Courtesy of @LustraBellMiller's instagram
Courtesy of @LustraBellMiller on instagram
Ok time for the shameless plug. #dontjudge 🙂

The Miss South Carolina Pageant will be in Columbia at the Township Auditorium from June 23rd-27th! The finals night is June 27th and I would love to see you there!

Tickets for the final night will be on sale the first of June. For updates about the pageant and to follow my journey during pageant week, follow me on Instagram @LustraBellMiller and on Twitter @LusBMiller! Make sure you hashtag #TeamInman, #TeamLustra and #MissSC2015!

Thanks for reading, and I really hope I’ve passed something positive to you.

Courtesy of PeekABooPrettyGirl and LustraBellMiller on instagram
Courtesy of @PeekABooPrettyGirl and @LustraBellMiller on instagram
Peace, Love and Rhinestones,

Lustra ❤

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