How To Land Your Dream Internship (Part 1)

For many industries, internships are the #1 way of getting your foot in the door! Whether you are in the media or entertainment industry, have dreams of becoming a lawyer, a doctor, or anything in between — I highly recommend finding an internship that can help you gain experience and help jumpstart your professional network.

Me ( Kindra Mone’ in the Cosmopolitan magazine fashion closet)


My internship experiences literally changed my life. The spring before Jessica Tee (founder of PABPG) and I entered our senior years of college, we both realized that we had no desire to work in the fields that we were getting our degrees in. (She has a B.S in Exercise Science and I have a B.A in Psychology.) If we had gotten internships EARLY in our college careers, we both would have realized this much sooner.

Fast forward to the summer — Jessica had a public relations internship in Atlanta and 6 months later found myself in New York City interning 3 days a week with the fashion department at Cosmopolitan magazine and 2 days a week with the beauty department at (where I later became a Freelance Fashion/Beauty Reporter). Both of these internships set us up for our futures, helped us build useful contacts and gave us the skills we needed to run PABPG.

Another Cosmopolitan closet photo
Another Cosmopolitan closet photo

Here’s how YOU can land the internship of your dreams.


The biggest question I got when I started my fashion internship with Cosmopolitan was “how in the world did you land that internship?” Get this big secret — I applied! That’s the first step: go for it! Many people talk about all of the things they would like to do one day, but they never actually try. I could not find an email address to send my resume to so I found the street address and the most relevant staff member to address my letter to. I mailed a hard copy cover letter and resume expressing why I would make a great intern for their company.

2) Gain Relevant Experience On Your Own

Pic from my fashion blogging days
Pic from my fashion blogging days

While many internships don’t expect you to have much experience, it is still important to set yourself apart from the competition. One way to do this is by having experience relevant to the type of internship that you want. At the time I applied, I had a regularly updated fashion blog that I was operating and I was also a contributing fashion writer for (where I am now the Senior Fashion Editor.) Volunteering with organizations/companies you’re interested in and creating your own platform like a blog relative to your industry can be huge advantages.

I blogged about redoing Beyonce’s hair and shared it!


3) Have A Killer Cover Letter And Resume

Have a professional that you trust review your resume and approve it. Remember, even if your experience is minimal, you can tweak the wording to highlight the skills that will be relative to your hopeful internship. A cover letter is also a good way for employers to get an idea of who you are. I always begin with:

Hello, my name is Kindra Bailey and I am extremely interested in the ___ internship with ___. I understand that the role of this position is to make the jobs of the __ and ___ easier, and I am excited for the opportunity to make this happen! 

Follow by highlighting your strengths and the relative experience that makes you the girl/guy for the job! Understand that you should sound confident and sure of yourself, yet eager to learn, humble, and willing to help.

4) Don’t Get Discouraged

You may not get the internship you want on the first try but don’t give up! I recommend applying for 10-15 AT LEAST! One closed door is no reason to lose hope.

With the cast of Saturday Night Live ( you never know where your internship will take you!)
With the cast of Saturday Night Live ( you never know where your internship will take you!)

I hope this helps and remember, above all you have to believe in yourself and speak your goals into existence.

With Ty Hunter (Beyonce's Stylist)
With Ty Hunter (Beyonce’s Stylist)

Stay Pretty and follow your dreams! ❤

— Kindra Mone’; Cofounder of PABPG

P.S Stay tuned for part 2 — How to turn your internship into a job!

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