Wellness Wednesday: Eating Healthy – Meal Prep

So it’s the summer, and you have a little more time on your hands. You’ve wanted to eat healthier, but you don’t really know where to start. Let’s start with meal prepping!

To meal prep you will need at least 21 plastic containers to store your food (3 for each day), a lean meat of your choice and vegetables of your choice.

Choose one day to cook all of the food. Before you begin cooking, it may be helpful to decide what you want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day!

Tanece's meal prep!
Tanece’s meal prep!

Once you have your meals mapped out, you can start cooking! It may also help to cook all your breakfast meals at once, then lunch, and finally dinner meals afterwards. After all the meals are cooked, pack the food into the containers and store them in the refrigerator.

This method is super effective because when you are ready to eat them, all you have to do is take the food out of the refrigerator, heat it up and eat! It not only saves time in the long run, but it eliminates any temptations you may have to eat a ton of junk or order some not-so-great fast food! You will also save A LOT of money through meal prepping! It is way cheaper to make one trip to the grocery store and get all of your food at once and in bulk, than it is to eat out every day for lunch and dinner (which we’re all guilty of at one point or another)!

Good luck with your meal prep!

Let us know your favorite meal combo! We’re always looking for new recipes to try! ❤

Tanece Moore, PABPG Collegiate ambassador

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