3 Life Lessons I Learned in the 10th Grade

High school can be a whirlwind of crazy experiences, best friendships, and lots of learning about yourself and your life. There’s 3 main lessons that this year as a 10th grade student has taught me.
1. Change is Good
Friends that you may have had in the elementary and middle school are not going to always stick with  you.  Don’t think that you’re going to be friends with them forever. You lose some and you gain some. This is how life goes. And that’s okay!
2. It’s Okay to be Yourself
You NEED to be yourself. People may not like the way you act, but don’t “put on” as someone you’re not just to fit in. You don’t have to please everyone that comes in your life, and trying to keep up will make you miserable. When you try to change yourself into something you’re not, sooner or later your face card will be pulled, and true colors will show whether that’s for better or worse! It’s easier just to stay true to yourself from day one, even if you’re still figuring yourself out.
3. Set Standards for Yourself and Those Around You
When you set standards for who you are, and how you will tolerate being treated, people will respect you for who you are. Don’t lower your standards for anyone, or anything- especially a relationship! When or if you start dating, always make sure your standards are high for yourself (don’t just act like a little kid, but try to grow with the person you’re dating), and also for whoever you are with. If you’re always making sure you’re on top of your game, make sure they are keeping up with you. Know what you stand for and don’t back down for anything.
Destiny Johnson,
PABPG High School Ambassador

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