My Big Chop Experience


April 26th, 2015 I decided after a year of transitioning to finally do my big chop! My big chop happened at five in the morning. My best friend of 16 years, who also happens to be a YouTube naturalista, cut my hair for me!


I transitioned for roughly a year. During this year I wore lots of sew-ins, braids and buns to hide the difference of my natural and relaxed textures. Transitioning seemed like the hardest and longest process ever! The fact that detangling took forever and that I am a very impatient individual did not make things any better. I set in my mind that I would transition for a year before cutting my relaxed ends because I know personally that I would not have been comfortable rocking a super short fro.


When I woke up the next morning after my big chop to realize what I had done, it felt liberating! I have never been happier with my hair. This first week of being natural has been quite an experience. The thing I love most about my hair is that I can wake up, untwist & fluff my hair and go. The thing that I dislike about my hair is how dry it is. This could be because I have to learn how to deal with my texture all over again or I may not using the proper products. In this next year, I have decided to let my hair do its own thing and not apply heat or color to my hair and see how much it grows!

Some tips I have for anyone wanting to big chop or go natural:

  1. If you want to transition, realize that transitioning is a process and requires lots of patience.
  2. If you want to big chop right away, make sure that you are comfortable with rocking a short fro.
  3. Be prepared to have to learn how to properly treat and care for your hair all over again. I recommend watching YouTube videos or even having a natural hair mentor that can help you through the process. I myself have a few natural hair mentors such as PABPG’s very own President, Raven, my best friend Nakayla (who did my big chop), and my friend Courtney.
  4. Going natural is a process, it may take a lot of work, but it is not impossible! If you ever get discouraged try watching YouTube videos or reading blogs about natural hair! Some of my favorite YouTube naturalistas are: Naptural85, Bright N’ Boldly, LeahsEssence, Mini Marley, and Natural Neiicey.

-Tanece Nicole, PABPG Collegiate Ambassador

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