Top 5 Mistakes recent grads make when job hunting

As graduation season is approaching we felt it was important to point out some key mistakes that happen in every aspect of applying and interviewing for a job fresh out of college. There’s always advice floating around about what you “should” be doing while job hunting, but a lot of common advice is a modern day mistake. We will point out a few to help you prevent them.

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Resume Mistakes– A common myth about resume’s are they must be one page long, which I agree with if you only have one page of relevant content. If your experience and education cause for your resume to be 2-3 pages, that is an advantage for you. In the corporate role experience is very important, so anything you’ve done that is relevant to the position you are applying for, be sure to include it. Leave as little white space on your pages as possible, and use spacing tricks to close up gaps. You resume should be easy to read, so chill with the fancy fonts, and you’ll surely be recognized as a professional.


Interview Mistakes– A lot of time during the end of interviews you are asked “do you have any questions?” You can not simply answer this with “no I think you covered everything” be prepared with 2-3 questions that are relevant to your potential position. Also when the interviewer asks you questions, pause for at least 7-10 seconds and gather your thoughts so you can give a composed and confident answer. Be in control of the interview because this meeting is about YOU.

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Professionalism Mistakes– When going on interviews you should always dress at least one grade up from the dress code environment in that office, and when in doubt, where a suit. For example, if you are interviewing for a retail job, then business casual is acceptable. But if you are interviewing for a corporate level job, you should always have on a suit or suit wear of some sort for it to be assumed a professional.


Preparation mistakes–  Don’t ever make yourself seem desperate for a job, make yourself seem like an asset to their company that they should desire. Arrive to your interview only 10-15 minutes early not 30 or more. if you are early (which we encourage) sit in your car for a few minutes and review information to prepare yourself. You do not want to come too early and make your interviewer feel pressured to rush. Also, do not over communicate; this also makes you seem desperate. Give them 5 days to reach out to you before you reach out to them, as they could be still interviewing and deliberating.

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First Real Job Mistakes– Just because this is your first job, don’t seem inexperienced and nervous. Come off very confident and eager to learn, and ask a lot of questions. It will make you seem motivated and encourage your colleagues to help you more. Even if you have no experience, make every past situation you’ve been in relevant to the job you are applying for. For example, if your only experience is babysitting, detail how you are responsible and dependable and have organization and patience skills. Find anyway to apply what experiences you do have to the job you are applying for.

Hopefully that helps all of our recent graduates! Good luck with all of your job search endeavors, and if you have any more questions, feel free to email us at

Danyelle Wilson, PABPG Vice-President

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