PeekABoo… Periods?! How to Deal with Horrible Cycle Symptoms

We all have occasional troubles with our cycles! Luckily, the Peek-A-Boo team is here to help you with some of our favorite remedies for cramps and other symptoms.

I like to use an electric heating pad to relieve my period symptoms. They come in so many other forms, such as a stick-on to go inside the front of your underwear, blankets, and even thermal stuffed animals!

Whenever I am having HORRIBLE cycle symptoms, laying on a heating pad helps to take away all my back aches & cramps. Some might say heating pads are old & out of date, but they work for me everytime. You know what they say, If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it.

When my monthly friend comes to visit me every month she tends to bring her friend name “Cramps” with her. However, to solve my cramps problems I came up with a few remedies. My first remedy is to use my handy dandy heat pad. I lay on my heat pad to ease my cramp pains. Then I take a few pain reliever and place a hot rag on my tummy. Before I know it my cramp pain has disappeared! Another tip is to just try not to think about it to much.

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I’ve always struggled with horrible cramps! I find that the healthier I eat regularly and the more water I drink, they’re not as bad. Exercising during period week also helps me out a lot and heating pads can take away the intensity. Also, it’s okay to go to your doctor for help! I’ve been prescribed a pain killer and though I’d rather not take meds, it definitely helps.

I don’t believe in taking too many medications, so my #1 way to relieve PMS symptoms is to simply ride it out. I really talk to myself and say if women have been through this same thing centuries before with no type of medicine, relief etc then sure I can do it! I also find that exercise makes it easier too.

Stretching can help relieve plenty of PMS symptoms. The simple workouts can release endorphins and eliminate natural anxiety. The exercises prevents mood swings, cramps, and headaches.

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I usually take a painkiller and sleep, that’s the best remedy for my symptoms. Bayer Back and Body does me wonders since Tylenol and Advil don’t work for me anymore.

I drink lots of water to soothe the pain along with some some pain medicine and 2hr naps!

Personally, I hate feeling really exhausted on my cycle, so I make sure to take an iron supplement during that time of the month. That, and meditating a lot to make sure my moods aren’t all over the place helps tremendously!

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We hope that helps, Pretty Girls! Let us know some of your favorite remedies in the comments below.
The Peek-A-Boo PrettyGirl Team

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