Let’s Talk Hair! — Tips For Achieving Your Best Hair This Spring

When asked to host the “Flaunt Your Look” Campaign (see previous post), I immediately said yes! This type of event is right up my alley. If we’re talking makeup, fashion or hair/hair products then sign me up! The conversation topics for this event included: Spring Styles, Vacation Maintenance and Favorite Hair Hacks and Secrets. Today I will cover Spring Styles so be sure to check back in the near future for posts about the other topics!

I’m 100% natural so a lot of these tips will be for my natural gals but for my ladies still on the creamy crack, no worries a lot of these tips can be accommodated for you as well!

Spring Styles:

  • The Frohawk: One of my favorite natural hairstyles eveeeeeeer! It’s super easy to do and works whether you have a big fro or a teeny one! To learn how to achieve your perfect Frohawk, check out this YouTube Tutorial.
Courtesy of naturamagazineusa.com
Courtesy of naturamagazineusa.com
  • The Curly Pin-Up: There’s really no right way to do this (LOL). For me, it’s just a modification of the frohwak. I just pin up the back part so that all of my curls sit on the top of my head. Click here to learn more about the curly-pin up.
Courtesy of my Instagram page (@jessfinesse)
Courtesy of my Instagram page (@jessfinesse)
  • The Fro (Go BIG or Go Home!): A lot of (newly) naturals are often hesitant to rock their beautiful hair in fro form. I was once one of these naturals, especially when my fro was smaller, but what I come to realize is that my hair is beautiful and deserves to be displayed in all of her glory! Same thing goes for you! So rock that fro girl! No one can do it quite like you 🙂 Learn how to rock your perfect fro by clicking here!
Courtesy of Kindra Mone's (PABPG's Co-Founder) Instagram page (@kindramone).
Courtesy of Kindra Mone’s (PABPG’s Co-Founder) Instagram page (@kindramone).

For my relaxed girls, you may not be able to achieve the fro 😦 but you can get the other two styles with ease! Simply roll your hair overnight to make sure it’s as curly as possible and use the same techniques shown in the above videos for your frohawk and curly pin up!

*Disclaimer: Your hair WILL NOT look exactly like any of the ladies pictured above or in the YouTube videos. And guess what? That is OKAY! Your hair is your own identity, it’s literally your DNA and is something to be proud of. Don’t go comparing your hair to others. What God gave you is just as beautiful! Embrace it and love it and watch how much your hair loves you 🙂


Jessica Tee, Founder of PABPG Inc.

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