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PABPGLogo The Peek-A-Boo PrettyGirl Foundation (PABPG) has come quite a way since its first appearance on the Columbia scene. For those who may be new to the “PrettyGirl Movement” allow me to give a brief summary about us and what we do!

PABPG is all about making the worlds of fashion and beauty accessible to girls and women everywhere regardless of race, social status, geographic location, and/or life circumstances. Our initiatives are leadership, health, spiritual wellness, fashion and cosmetic beauty and we fulfill each of our these through a variety of programs and events! IMG_0150

The idea of PABPG came from volunteering at the Hannah House, which is a women’s shelter here in Columbia, SC. While volunteering there, I saw that women had the necessities they needed like a roof over their heads, food and safety for their children but they were still missing the essentials of being a woman! Most people don’t think to donate straighteners, blowdryers, eyeshadow and mascara to women shelters but those things are just as important. Just because a woman is going through a hardship in her life, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to wake up looking and feeling fabulous!

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We here at PABPG understand that a woman in that position may not have the means to get her own fashion/beauty products so we like to think that we’re bridging the gap! We visit the Hannah House frequently to host sessions that teach the women about hair and makeup and are able to leave them with products. We also host events for the general public like free makeup workshops (more coming this year!)

Our most popular events are our fundraising mixers which are targeted for our young professional crowd and our Beauty and Business Brunches targeted towards our college aged/college graduate women. Everything we do here at PABPG is fun but one of the most rewarding is when we get to talk to to middle and high schoolers! We take mentoring and raising powerful leaders in our community very seriously. PeekABoo PrettyGirl is more than just a non-profit organization; it’s a lifestyle!

We have a lot of things planned for the remainder of this year and in the coming years and would love your help to complete our mission. We are always accepting donations like gently used and fashionable clothing, beauty products and make up as well as monetary donations. unnamed

To give a monetary donation, visit our GoFundMe Page. For all other donations, you can email us at info@peekabooprettygirl.com.

The Peek-A-Boo PrettyGirl Foundation is 100% non-profit and all funds go right back to helping girls and women in the community. Also if you would like to volunteer with PABPG during one of our community service projects and/or events, email us at info@peekabooprettygirl.com. All of our upcoming events and projects are listed on our website and we thank you in advance for helping us help girls and women everywhere find their PrettyGirl within!

PABPG Volunteer Form

Xo, Jessica Tee,
Founder of PABPG

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