The Perfect Shade of Red

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you go to the cosmetics isle because you don’t know which red lipstick to choose? With so much variety from Red Hot to Burnt Wine, where do you start? Which lipstick will complement your skin complexion just right? No matter what skin tone you may have, PABPG is here to help you find your perfect shade of red.

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If you have a fair complexion, a sheer, shiny or matte lipstick would work wonders for your skin tone. Try choosing a bit of a coral red since its not too intense, or consider matte reds with a very small tint of orange.

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For a medium complexion, a variety of shades of red will tend to work for you. Natural reds and pink-based lipsticks look really amazing. With your complexion, you’ll want to pick something that doesn’t contain a high amount of orange pigment and go for natural red.

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If your have an olive complexion it’s recommended that you try richer reds, because they complement your skin tone well. Avoid pink-based reds lipsticks as they tend to look make you look fairer than you really are.


For a deep complexion, dark brown-based reds work best such as burgundy, wine and berry. Avoid anything that may be overly bright or too orange because it will tend to appear too harsh.

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Also remember no matter which complexion you have, picking the perfect shade of red will steer you in the right direction. If you would like to share your favorite shade of red lipstick with us just comment below.

Stay True and Be You,

Tiffney Cooper
PABPG, Contributing Writer

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