3 Inexpensive DIY Tricks to Make Your Dorm or Apartment POP!

Moving into your first apartment or leaving off for college and moving into your dorm space can be one of the most exciting times for a young girl, it’s your very own space and you want it to represent YOU and all your personality! And of course the first thing you want to do is customize and decorate it to your very own! You want your favorite color everywhere and it to be filled with all the things you love. Your space should be a comfortable place of serenity just for you to escape. But the majority of college students or young adults starting out with their first apartment can’t go out and splurge on brand new furniture and make their space like an HGTV model home, so I am offering a few cheap and effective ways to decorate your space all on your own!

  1. Accent Pillows! – A Cute cheap & effective way to brighten up any room or to make your boring furniture POP! You can utilize your favorite colors or use multiple different colors to make a true statement on any piece of furniture, be it a bed, couch or chair! And making a pillow with your own fabric, pattern, or design is very simple and a great way to customize your room the way you want! Look at all the different accents this rooms has!

    Courtesy of http://www.bhg.com/
    Courtesy of http://www.bhg.com/
  2. Make your own headboard! – Why spend $200 plus dollars on an expensive headboard when you can personalize your own for less than $50?! Head over to the thrift store and grab an old vintage frame (for less than $40) and order a decal online (amazon for less than $10) with your favorite saying or quote in your favorite color and have a super cute and unique headboard! like this one below!

    Courtesy of http://www.homeworkshop.com/
    Courtesy of http://www.homeworkshop.com/
  3. Chalkboard wall- A stylish and useful accent to any room is a simple chalkboard wall. You can buy a small jar of chalkboard paint (for less than $10 at your local hardware store) and turn basically any wall into a chalkboard. But if you are in a dorm or house where you can’t paint, you can buy a chalkboard decal and decorate any wall. The uses for these chalkboard walls are limitless! Imagine a large wall calendar or for simple lists or an autograph wall for your friends!
Courtesy of http://simplerootswellness.com/
Courtesy of http://simplerootswellness.com/

Danyelle Wilson,
PABPG Vice-President

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