Wellness Wednesday: Making a Comeback

We have all had to deal with various situations that life has thrown our way. A lot of people won’t admit it, but one of their biggest fears is being rejected, whether it’s not getting the job you applied for or not being accepted into your dream college or even facing rejection in your love life. Luckily, PABPG, Inc is here to let you know how you can bounce back from all of the hurt, doubt and pain you may feel from dealing with rejection.

Courtesy of  http://www.english-ch.com
Courtesy of http://www.english-ch.com

Let It Out

Take time for yourself to cry, vent and even scream if that’s what it takes to get everything out your system. Releasing the emotions that are building up is a very healthy thing, not to mention you need some time to process and sort through it all and it’s best to deal with it first within yourself. Taking the proper time to let it all out is a good thing. Try not to dwell on it or let the situation at hand consume you, because that’s when it becomes unhealthy, but taking time to acknowledge and accept is necessary for moving on.

Blow Off That Steam

Get up and get moving, because it’s time to find something fun to keep your mind off things. Retail therapy, catching up with a friend, watching a movie or going to lunch can be great ways to blow off some steam after being faced with rejection. While your having a great time, you’re also putting your mind at ease and building your confidence back up. When you are in the right state of mind, you feel rejuvenated, thus allowing for more positivity.

Evaluate and Elevate

Now it is time to get down to business. You should take the time to think why you were faced with rejection. This process may not be the easiest, but it will be beneficial to you in the future. Take a step back to evaluate the pros and cons for each situation. It’s a possibility that you could have approached matters differently depending on the situation. Angry, Frustrated Woman --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

For example, say you applied to a college or university, and you did not get an acceptance letter. You’ll probably think “what could I have done differently?” Rather than beat yourself up, it’s a great idea to turn your negatives into a positive, which will lead to your elevation in the long run. Use this time to learn lessons and plan for future improvements that you can be excited about. When you evaluate yourself, you’ll find ways for improvement and will be prepared to grow for the future.

PABPG wants you to always remember if you ever face a situation dealing with rejection you can always bounce back better than ever. A small setback is awaiting an even greater comeback. If you have dealt with various situations involving rejection comment below and let us know how you bounced back.

Stay True and Be You,

Tiffney Cooper
PABPG, Contributing Writer

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