3 Holistic Remedies to Get Through Cold and Flu Season

Vitamin C

  • Taking a little more Vitamin C than your normal dose (or what’s in your typical multivitamin) is extremely beneficial during this time! Vitamin C can be taken in either supplement form, or through drinking an extra glass of orange juice for breakfast if you’re not a fan of taking vitamins! Vitamin C is great for helping treat and fight the common cold and flu, as it quite literally boosts your immune system!



  • It’s a little known fact that garlic is one of the best and most effective holistic antibiotics and antivirals. Garlic is also full of antioxidants that kill bacteria, and thus can potentially also decrease acne! While taking a full clove of raw garlic may be a little hard to swallow (literally), there are many stores that sell 100% garlic supplements that work just as effectively in combating nasty viruses during cold and flu season! At under $5, it’s worth a shot!
Courtesy of http://www.walmart.com
Courtesy of http://www.walmart.com

Oil Pulling

  • Over the past few years, this holistic remedy has  gained popularity, as its used to not only whiten teeth, but also detox and rid the body of infections. So what is “oil pulling” exactly? It’s the process of swishing organic and/or virgin oils in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. We know this sounds a little crazy and even gross, but what’s worse? “Pulling” the toxins out of your body, or leaving them in there to grow and accumulate? This process works as the oil swishes around in your mouth (where a LOT of bacteria lives), the toxins and germs are literally sucked in to the oil and pulled directly out of your body. Check out this video for more info and a demonstration!

Stay pretty, Pretty Girls!
Raven Jahän Joyner, PABPG President

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