High School Survival Guide for the PrettyGirl

Freshman year can be very scary. New people, new teachers, new everything. Every freshman girl goes through different things.  Some try so hard to fit in. Others try to stand out. As a student in high school I see a lot of girls trying to fit in and be like everybody but it doesn’t work. It’s okay to be different and you should want to stand out. Here are a few tips to help you survive high school!
Courtesy of imgkid.com
Courtesy of imgkid.com
Tip #1: Be who you are not who everyone else wants you to be. You should never try to be someone you aren’t just to make friends.
Tip #2: Never make yourself someone you’re not. When you do that then sooner or later your face card will be pulled and true colors will show.
Tip #3: Keep your head up. Girls will do any and everything to see you fall. Don’t let anybody tell you, you can’t make it because failure is never an option.
Tip #4: You find out who your true friends are in high school. People you have known for years aren’t always going to stay the same. It’s no hard, but we have to accept this.
Tip #5: Don’t rush into a relationship so quick because in doing so it will cause you get hurt. A lot of times girls want to be in a relationship because they see others in one but you don’t know how they got there and what it took to get there.
Follow these simple tips and I promise it’ll make your high school experience a lot easier!
-Destiny Johnson, High School Ambassador

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