Peek-A-Boo Pageants


If you are new to pageants, you may be thinking, “I need all the beauty pageant tips I can get!” If you competed in pageants before, perhaps you are looking for guidance, or you may have found that not all pageant are created equal, and each one looks for something different. Or maybe you just need a few extra tips to help you win that crown!

PABPG High School Ambassador, Shantavia Edmonds
PABPG High School Ambassador, Shantavia Edmonds

My name is Shantavia Edmonds, I’m a Peek-A-Boo PrettyGirl High School Ambassador, and I always love competing in pageants. I recently competed for Miss Orangeburg County Teen 2015 in October of 2014, and I practiced my all day every day. However, I did not win the title, but I NEVER GAVE UP! Now I’m Miss Garden City Teen 2015 and I’m ready to help you win a crown with a few tips. Ready? Let’s Go…

It’s very important you are super confident. You must have a strong self-esteem because this will show in everything you do, the way you smile, walk, turn your head, wave your hand, answer questions, etc.

2. Posture, Stance, Walk
You must exemplify a gentle and kind stance, a very humble, and walk that does not resemble a model but a Queen. There are some videos on YouTube to give you a better visual if you need extra assistance.IMG_0067

3. Practice Interview and On Stage Questions
You might get nervous, but you have nothing to worry about. Judges love when contestants are themselves. Always smile, show your beautiful teeth off and answer in a gentle and confident voice. Most important, never say bad things always be genuine. Lastly, practice answering some questions!

Hope that helps with your first pageant, PrettyGirls!
We’d love to hear of any pageant experiences you have!

Stay pretty,
Shantavia Edmonds, PABPG High School Ambassador

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