Three Foods for Healthier Skin

We are all trying to maintain a clear and smooth skin complexion. Luckily, there are some simple and yummy ways to do so! Here are a couple of food suggestions that will keep your skin looking flawless and aging like wine.

Before you indulge into your favorite candy bar, think about how it is benefiting you. Dark chocolate is the only kind of chocolate that can protect your skin. It contains cocoa, a natural plant that holds flavonoids. Flavonoids hydrate skin and prevent wrinkles. Gourmet dark chocolate like Dove or Godiva taste delicious!

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Wrapping up in your blanket with a pint of ice cream is comfortable, but even Ben &Jerry cannot prevent your skin from aging like yogurt can. A cup of low-fat yogurt each day can help your skin glow and remain wrinkle-free. Add a couple of fruits with antioxidants like blueberries or raspberries to give your yogurt some flavor.

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Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E, vitamin B-1, and copper. A handful of seeds can help copper protect your hair and skin. When your body contains copper it creates melanin which blocks radiation from the sun. This is also a great snack to keep around before the weather heats up!

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And of course, don’t forget to drink a healthy of water each day while enjoying these delicious treats! Usually around 1-2 liters will do the trick. Keep your skin as beautiful as you are!

Be Blessed Pretty Girl,

Nikolette Miller, Contributing Writer

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