How to Go To the Ball without Balling Out

Hey, Pretty Girls!

It’s February, so that means prom is right around the corner and tbe planning is now in full swing! From dresses to hair, and everything in between, I’m going to give you a couple tips on how to save some coins and look your best for prom!

1. The dress
One of the most important staples of prom is the dress, of course. You may think that finding a formal/semi-formal dress for a good price would be difficult but you just have to check the right stores at the right time. Department stores are expensive but check them during the times of big blowout and one day sales (hint: they do once or twice EVERY month). Stay up-to-date with their sales by e-mail or text message.
Another alternative to purchasing is renting a dress. If you check dress rental shops or websites around this time, their prices are much lower than the weeks right before prom season (mid-March through June).

2. Jewelry/Accessories
Accessories are fairly easy. There are tons of stores that sell very nice costume jewelry for a reasonable price. My favorites are Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Claire’s or Icing. Those stores usually have weekly sales or BOGO sales that can help you get a full haul of jewelry for next to nothing. My favorite sale is Charlotte Russe’s 2 for $10!!!

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Utilize your friends and family as well! If you have an older sister, cousin, friend, etc. ask her what she wore to prom. Instead of spending big bucks on new necklaces, purses, or shoes, ask someone who has already been to a prom or two! Most of the time, those accessories are used once and they collect dust afterwards.

3. Hair/Makeup
In the era of YouTube and tutorials galore, hair and makeup can be a breeze. Of course it takes some practice but after you’ve picked your ensemble you can choose the look you want to go for and practice, practice, practice. If you are like me and hair and makeup aren’t your best friends start practicing EARLY (I’d start a whole month early). If you’re blessed to know someone who does hair and makeup (Jessica, our CEO, and Deneé, one of our collegiate ambassadors, can work wonders), USE THEM.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Salon style quality with bff discounts are the best way to go!

My look cost $100 Salon appointment: $50 Dress: $45 Necklace: $5 Makeup: free (YouTube video tutorials)  Shoes: free (borrowed)
My look cost $100
Salon appointment: $50
Dress: $45
Necklace: $5
Makeup: free (YouTube video tutorials)
Shoes: free (borrowed)

Candice Johnson,
Treasurer and Financial Adviser.

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