Steering Clear From Stress

While being slightly stressed out can push you to be a little more productive than usual, and potentially help motivate you to complete a task or personal goal efficiently, too much stress is threatening to mental, emotional, and even physical health. Luckily, there are ways to combat that tension.

People close to you can cause a huge amount of unnecessary stress. You may be overwhelmed with one of your friend’s negative thoughts and actions. Your boyfriend may not always consider your feelings. Maybe your family members are putting too much pressure on you. The solution is simple; avoid them (temporarily of course). Some friends grow apart. There is nothing wrong with loving someone from a distance. A boyfriend that is not considering your thoughts may not be your future husband. Sit your family down, and ask them to lay off with putting so much pressure on you. Sometimes people get too wrapped up in aiming to have every aspect of their lives be seemingly perfect, and it’s easy for you to get wrapped up in that image they project. It’s okay to take a step back and regain control over your world around you.
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Time to yourself can help alleviate stress. Turn off your phone and get that manicure/pedicure you have been wanting for weeks, go shopping at your favorite clothing store, or run yourself a nice warm bubble bath. Putting yourself first will minimize stressful times by providing small things to cheer you up throughout the day.

Work and class can get the best of us sometimes. The pressure of getting our tasks completed by a certain time can make us feel like we’re drowning in work. To start, purchase a planner, and write down every assignment regardless how big or small it is (and don’t forget to add certain time frames for self pampering!). Staying up-to-date with your responsibilities will help keep stress to a minimum.

Sometimes, though, there are some obstacles in life that we have no control over, like a death in the family, financial responsibilities, or even illnesses. Instead of letting these take over your life, don’t hesitate to get help from a church or school counselor, or a licensed therapist. When life takes a tole, there are ALWAYS people around willing to help with no pressures of judgement. Do not let stress win! Stay happy 🙂

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Be Blessed Pretty Girl,
Nikolette Miller

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