First Date Survival Tips

We all know there comes a certain time that you may have a crush, get bitten by the love bug, or catch feelings for that special someone. But what happens when you’re asked to go on your first date? The nervous jitters, butterflies and awkward moments could cause some anxiety, but don’t worry! Here, we’ll give you some do’s and don’ts for surviving first dates.

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All first dates aren’t set out to be a fairy-tales. Sometimes, there will be those awkward moments that you’ll never seen coming. Imagine being asked out by someone you’ve had a crush on forever. When your crush arrives at your house with flowers, compliments you and proceeds to open your door. You smile, appreciating the compliment, and get into the car. But then, the date takes a turn for the worse as you see his best friend in the backseat. Suddenly you realize your first is ruined and a little awkward with the addition of what’s considered to be the third wheel. The moment goes from amazing to awful in an instant. So what do you do?

Build a Back Up
Always have a back up plan to get out of an awkward or comfortable situation. You may have to excuse yourself to the powder room, receive an “important phone call” that needs your “immediate attention,” or text your best friend to save you since the date is not going as according to plan. It’s a good idea to have a few handy backup plans that you’ve already discussed with friends or family to help you out in a bind!

Group Date!
To avoid or prevent miserable first dates, try suggesting going on a group date instead. Plan something fun like going to an amusement park. Breaking those awkward silences, weird moments and lifeless conversations will be way easier if you have some distractions and other friends around. Having your first date doing a fun and outgoing activity can give you energy while relaxing the tension, and taking the pressure off of you.

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Have a Day-Date!
While a dinner and movie will always be a classic date night idea, if you’re casually dating someone for the first time, don’t hesitate to aim for something low-key and low-pressure. Try suggesting meeting for a lunch date at the park. You can plan a picnic, or just a leisurely walk as you two have a chance to get to know each other, and you can decide if you’d like something more intimate and romantic next time. Not to mention it’s cost effective, and you can leave whenever you’d like with a quick excuse like you’re “in a rush to get back to work!” There’s also no pressure to have on a full face of makeup or dressed to perfection.

Just remember first dates can be good, bad and even ugly, but always try to make the best of it. You never know this experience could be a great addition to a potential love story later down the line, or at least a laugh to look back on. Feel free to share your awkward moments or great first dates with us! We’d love to hear how you survived.

Be you and stay true,

Tiffney Cooper
PABPG, Blog Contributor

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