Grow Healthier, Longer Hair

Healthy Hair is Happy Hair

Have you ever been so stressed out about the appearance of your hair? Perhaps the luster is not up to par, the length is not where you would like it to be and your hair appears quite drab? Well, let all of your worries stop right here. By following these simple tips you’ll be heading in the right direction for achieving beautiful healthy hair.


Tip #1: Cleanliness is Key

You should make sure your hair is washed and conditioned on a regular basis. Cleanliness gets rid of the constant build up and dandruff. A clean hair shaft allows for healthy hair growth. There is however, a balance to how much you should wash your hair based on your hair type. Those with kinky-curly hair might make the mistake of washing too often — which could strip the hair of essential oils for growth. If you have kinky to curly hair, try alternating between a shampoo and a co-wash. However if you have wavy to straight hair, washing more often will be necessary.

Tip #2: Moisturizing is a Must

You must moisturize on a daily basis! Start by finding a quality shea butter, oil or lotion that is suitable for your hair type. When you find the perfect moisturizer that gets the job done, your hair will have the moisture and shine it needs. We recommend olive oil or coconut oil on a daily basis and shea butter to seal your ends on wash day!

Tip #3: Hot to Handle

Ladies you give up the flat iron! It’s your best friend, we know. The constant straightening, curling and added heat is not necessary every day. The excess heat will cause the hair shaft to become weak and breakage will start to occur. Always remember that less is more and try to limit heat to every other week if you can.

Tip #4: Leave It Alone

It’s important not to over manipulate your hair. Constant changing of styles or twisting an untwisted can create unnecessary breakage. Try finding protective styles that work for you and switch over to a wild tooth comb or finger detangle.


Tip #5: Practicing Patience

They say that patience is a virtue and it’s true! You definitely have to have patience when achieving healthy hair. Things don’t happen over night but with adequate time and the proper focus, you can and will achieve beautiful healthy hair. With time you will start to notice changes with your hair and positive results.

By following these simple tips cleanliness is key, moisturizing is a must, hot to handle, leave it alone, and practicing patience you’re sure to be on the road to healthier hair. The drab hair days will be completely over. Your hair will soon feel great and look amazing.

What are your favorite hair tips that have you shown you prominent hair growth? Share your own healthy hair tips in the comments below!

Stay true and be you,

Tiffney Cooper
PABPG, Writer

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