5 Habits That Are Keeping You from Clear Skin

  1. Hydration
    • It’s a little known fact that you need roughly 2 liters of water per day. Most people tend to stick to drinking sodas, sugary juices, or mass amounts of coffee that aren’t really benefitting your body. Drinking water regularly helps aid in the body’s natural detoxification efforts.
  2. Bacteria
    • Bacteria can build up quickly, especially when your skin is not being cared for correctly. Do you sleep with makeup on? Not wash your pillow cases as often as you should? Let your hair products get all over your face? All of this can potentially cause huge buildups of bacteria on your face. Simply taking a few extra steps of cleanliness to make sure you’re avoiding adding to your skin care problems!
  3. (Good) Oil
    • Did you know that your face actually NEEDS oil?! The bad oil (also known as sebum, which is actually GREAT
      Courtesy of desertessence.com
      Courtesy of desertessence.com

      for hair follicles, just not so great for your face) that accumulates and causes acne is actually your body’s response to what would be overly dry skin. A lot of products on the market today completely dry your skin out (due to ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate), leaving your body to overcompensate to avoid drying out, thus leaving you with oily skin. To combat this problem, keep your skin moisturized with GOOD oils such as coconut oil (which is also anti-bacterial), or jojoba oil, which is the most like the human body’s natural oil and is IDEAL for skincare.

  4. Diet
    • Needless to say, a poor diet will cause all types of issues from chronic illness and fatigue, to poor skin conditions. While your diet doesn’t necessarily have to be PERFECT 24/7, it helps to limit foods that are overwhelmingly full of bad fats and oils. Basically, try to keep fast food and sodas to a minimum, or give yourself one cheat day per week for not so great foods to snack on.
  5. Not Exfoliating
    • For beautiful, radiant skin, a key step many forget is exfoliating! To see your skin at its healthiest, you have to get rid of the dead and dry skin cells sitting on the top layer. While everyone’s face doesn’t need to be exfoliated daily, many still need
      Courtesy of acureorganics.com

      more exfoliating than just once a week. Work with your skin to figure out the best balance for you, and don’t let oil buildup underneath dead skin cause you even more problems! A homemade facial scrub, or one found in stores works wonders.

– Raven Jahän Joyner, PABPG President

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