Create Your Own Happiness

Cuddle season has finally begun and you probably feel like you need a companion. Truth is, you can make it on your own. In our society, we see women as hopeless if they are alone. But being single can actually be rewarding. So grab your blanket and snacks and be your own cuddle buddy.


Find a hobby. Get out of the house. Try something new. Keep this up until you find something you absolutely love. Try activities that will keep you in shape or improve your creativity. Having a hobby can help tremendously with confidence. You will be able to talk to any and everyone about what you love.


Pamper yourself. Get that manicure/pedicure or massage you’ve always wanted. Knowing what makes you feel good is a must. After a long, stressful day, you have to know which remedies work best for you. Whether it’s watching a few episodes of your favorite show on Netflix, or taking a trip to the mall for some retail therapy. Everyone has their own special fix.


Read. Books are wonderful. They can be a great escape from reality, and a tool for success. For example, reading can help to expand your vocabulary. It can also educate you about certain issues you never knew existed.

The key to being alone is making the best of it. This gives you more time to better yourself. You must know and love yourself before anyone else can. Learn to enjoy your own company and have fun while it lasts.

Speaking of successful singles, we at PABPG would like to highlight the bachelorettes out there. We are asking you to help us create a list of The Top 20 Under 30. These are women who are not letting their relationship status get in the way of their success.

photo 2 (1)

If there is a special bachelorette you would like to nominate, please email us:

Stay beautiful,

Tierra Thomas, PABPG Inc. Collegiate Ambassador

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